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  1. cekautsky

    Glen Helen SRA Race Report

    Sounds like fun T. Im still working to get my knee back in shape. Once I do, I will come out and race with club husky.
  2. cekautsky

    The Official 'Thank You Coffee' Thread

    Thanks for all of your efforts and commitment to this forum it is definitely a better place because of you. I hope to get the chance to ride with you someday at one of the husky events. I'll get the first round afterwards... CK
  3. cekautsky

    Husky has become to main stream, I'm moving on...

    Sorry Ride... One of my biggest faults is that sometimes I swing first and ask questions later, especially when it is in defense of a friend. I've never riden any of the 4-stroke ATK bikes but i still have my 89' 406. Enjoy... CK
  4. cekautsky

    Husky has become to main stream, I'm moving on...

    One of the main problems with message boards is that you can never really tell when someone is joking or not... With that said, I hope your words are just in fun because your comments read a bit like an elitist. I realize you have been riding husky for a long time, a lot of us have, but sooner or later some of the smart younger ones are going to catch onto husky. I believe that this forum and its informed, inteligent, level-headed, etc, members have brought many newbies over to this side. My only gripe towards the new husky fans is that they didn't live through the darker ages of owning a husky. I hope my words are not taken the wrong way but you are one of our most popular husky forum members but it looks bad when you are trashing the brand. CK
  5. cekautsky

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    BS in Civil Engineering, MS in Geotechnical (Soil) Engineering, working on Phd in Earthquake Engineering, Build large earth embankment Dams for city W&P. Love my job but wish I could leave cali for a less populated state with closer riding. Dream job would be a pro fisherman and fly-rod designer. Fun thread
  6. cekautsky

    IMS Tank #2...Busted!!!

    I justed wanted to post an update on my cracked IMS tank situation. Logically I thought the best starting point was to contact the shop (Uptite) where I purchased the tank. George said to bring it in, we marked the area that was cracked and 6 days later I have a new IMS tank no charge. I noticed that the tank feels slightly heavier than the last one as well as the underside of the tank seem to be a bit stiffer (as previoulsy noted by "rlw"). I will be sure to lay some foam (probably a piece of wetsuit material) over the frame this time before installing the tank. I will keep an eye on things but overall I feel this is a quality product. I wanted to say thanks to all that had constructive advice and especially say thanks to george at uptite for taking care of his customers. CK
  7. cekautsky

    IMS Tank #2...Busted!!!

    Hey All, I was putting the bikes away in the garage after a good weekend of riding (finally back riding after a knee injury)and caught a whiff of race fuel as I passed by my 05 TC450 with 3.4 gal IMS. Long story short, I knew where it was coming from. I pulled the tank and there it was, a huge crack in the saddle of the tank. Tank #2 had cracked in almost the same place as tank #1 almost a year to the date. Funny, tank #1 only lasted a year as well. I haven't contacted anyone about replacing the tank yet, but I intend to get on it tomorrow. The first tank was replaced immediatly without question by the shop where I purchased the tank. I was happy and back in the saddle with minimal down time. So here is my question. before I act I wanted to see what you guys would do. Should I go the IMS route again, hopefully the tank would be replaced without question like last time. Even if the tank is replaced Im not sure if I trust the IMS tank anymore. Is this just a coincidence??? Or is this norm. Im thinking about clarke but not really into the look. any other options? Oh well, I just thought I would vent for a minute before I go help my teenage son with Algebra. Later, CK
  8. cekautsky

    Husky Memorial Riders List

    Count me in. We will be three riders and two Huskys. 05TC450 88TE510 99WR250 maybe CK
  9. cekautsky

    How do I make my uptite exhaust quiter?

    The last I talk to him he was working on a db insert. I would call him and check to see if they are ready. CK
  10. Dewayne Jones. Call him and talk to him. 909-626-2751. Im sure you will be impressed. He has so much info that when I talk to him I feel like I am trying to take a sip from a firehose. He set up my 05 tc 450 for desert and I am extremely happy with work. If its not the way you want it take it back and he will tweak it until its exactly what you want. He works out of his garage in the pomona area. His resume is impressive to say the least. If you decide to call, keep in mind that he is out racing all day thursdays. Also, he usually isn't available on sundays, you know, family time. Good luck with your decision. CK
  11. cekautsky

    Guy is making an appearance at Sunday's SRA

    The knee is still not up to it but I hope to be out there for the march or april race. keep up the good work guys "Represent" CK
  12. cekautsky

    Lights,.. did a little homework.....

    Nice job. Now that you have a "on/off" switch and will likely ride with the light off during the day I recommend that you carry a spare bulb. When the filiment is cold it's not as ductile as when it's hot. After a hard day of rough trails you turn the light "on" and "No Bueno". More than likely the filiment has busted because of the beating when it was "off" and now you have no light as it is getting dark. Spare bulb, no problem... CK
  13. cekautsky

    A compliment to the Huskys guys

    Thanks for the props. Its just common sense. Treat others the way you want to be treated. CK
  14. cekautsky

    I Just May Have A New Favorite Place To Ride

    Never mind the haters. Keep'em coming walt. ++1 CK