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  1. spacedog

    strange (but kinda cool) DRZ video

    :lol: That's funny! I thought it was wierd how there's only 1 KTM out of all the bikes. KTM's are from there
  2. spacedog

    well... ~can~ you put clipons on a DRZ?...

    You have a very unique SM:thumbsup: . Why don't you cut your shrouds to follow the line of the rad guards. That way the tank doesn't look like something is missing. Nice job for sure.
  3. spacedog

    After TAT report

    I plan to ride the same thing next year. I already rode the MS,AR,OK parts. Thanks for sharing:ride:
  4. spacedog

    Coolant level high?

    How do you know that your not overheating? Just FYI, I keep extra fluid in my canister. It's alot easier to look at it instead of removing the cap.
  5. DynoJet kit hands down:busted:
  6. spacedog

    TT Website

    works fine for me
  7. spacedog

    Old style FCR rebuild kit? throttle still hangs

    So, I guess there's not a rebuild kit?
  8. spacedog

    Options For "Sm" rims on a "S"

    Do a search for "hooligan mod"
  9. I've searched, & couldn't find any mention of a Iridium spark plug. Is it so new that no threads exist? Or is there some reason I shouldn't use iridium? BTW what is the proper gap? Please advise, I already bought the CR8EIX & just want to make sure it's not a mistake to use it. I have a 8 day Trans Am. Trail trip comming up real soon & wanted a new plug for the trip. Just in case it matters, I have 03' KLX400SR w/ 3x3&DJ kit... The rest of the motor is stock w/ a billet end cap.
  10. spacedog

    New colors

    Thats another reason for the white tank, I could make the bike blue, yellow, and the tank still goes.
  11. spacedog

    I have finally had enough.

    Tag it & sell it to me!
  12. spacedog

    New colors

    I wanted the white tank, so it wouldn't get discolored (like natural) & I could still see the gas. However, the only way to see super unleaded is w/ the sun shine, or a flashlight shinning on the side. I have a DRC edge tail light from http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/index.shtml Stock blinkers @ the fender tabs w/ screw claps for extra support.
  13. I have stock pipe (for the quiet sound) & was wandering if I should use the E header, or would the powerbomb header be better? BTW I still have the lame stock carb (jetted to Ed's specs), 3x3 w/DJ kit. If I use a different header, then do I need to rejet? If so what changes do I need to make? Thanks for any help.
  14. spacedog

    Pics of my DRZ400E

    That sure is sweet! I wish mine was an E. Alabama will NOT tag a dirtbike.
  15. spacedog

    New colors

    Just got my new colors on, what do you think?