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  1. :lol: That's funny! I thought it was wierd how there's only 1 KTM out of all the bikes. KTM's are from there
  2. You have a very unique SM:thumbsup: . Why don't you cut your shrouds to follow the line of the rad guards. That way the tank doesn't look like something is missing. Nice job for sure.
  3. I plan to ride the same thing next year. I already rode the MS,AR,OK parts. Thanks for sharing:ride:
  4. How do you know that your not overheating? Just FYI, I keep extra fluid in my canister. It's alot easier to look at it instead of removing the cap.
  5. DynoJet kit hands down:busted:
  6. works fine for me
  7. So, I guess there's not a rebuild kit?
  8. Do a search for "hooligan mod"
  9. I've searched, & couldn't find any mention of a Iridium spark plug. Is it so new that no threads exist? Or is there some reason I shouldn't use iridium? BTW what is the proper gap? Please advise, I already bought the CR8EIX & just want to make sure it's not a mistake to use it. I have a 8 day Trans Am. Trail trip comming up real soon & wanted a new plug for the trip. Just in case it matters, I have 03' KLX400SR w/ 3x3&DJ kit... The rest of the motor is stock w/ a billet end cap.
  10. Thats another reason for the white tank, I could make the bike blue, yellow, and the tank still goes.
  11. Tag it & sell it to me!
  12. I wanted the white tank, so it wouldn't get discolored (like natural) & I could still see the gas. However, the only way to see super unleaded is w/ the sun shine, or a flashlight shinning on the side. I have a DRC edge tail light from Stock blinkers @ the fender tabs w/ screw claps for extra support.
  13. I have stock pipe (for the quiet sound) & was wandering if I should use the E header, or would the powerbomb header be better? BTW I still have the lame stock carb (jetted to Ed's specs), 3x3 w/DJ kit. If I use a different header, then do I need to rejet? If so what changes do I need to make? Thanks for any help.
  14. That sure is sweet! I wish mine was an E. Alabama will NOT tag a dirtbike.
  15. Just got my new colors on, what do you think?