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  1. alblast

    Xr600r Worry

    DennisKirk Off Road Catalog has them
  2. alblast

    87 XR600 cam chain

    Has anyone replaced the cam chain and tensioner in their bike? Are there any special tools I need and what should I be checking out while I'am in there?
  3. alblast

    87 XR600 top end noise

    Hello, I'am new to this forum and by reading some of the questions and answers here I know I could possibly find some help. I recently bought a 87 XR600 in good condition. The guy I bought it from said the top end was a little noisey. The bike starts good and run pretty strong. I checked the valve clearence and they are right on according to my Honda manual. What else could be making this noise? It doesnt sound like a piston, I had it at my local shop and they did'nt help much. They thought it was coming from the intake side. Other than this noise the bike runs good. Any ideas? Thanks!