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  1. summitlt

    650r too big?

    My DR was my first bike. I have a K&N also and if I knew whata #$%^ it was going to be to change, i would have never bought it.
  2. summitlt

    650r too big?

    It will be mainly a commuter street bike. With the weekend trips to the pit. I dualsported my DR and will never look back in that respect. I cant get enough of riding and saying "wonder where that goes?" and bailing off. Get the greatest looks. And i actually like getting pulled over on it, since its 100% legal. The DR has enough power for me most the time, but its those time when i hit the throttle stop and wish there was another 3/4 of a turn. I think the XR will fulfill that.
  3. summitlt

    650r too big?

    Im thinking of finding a 650r. Alot of people say they are heavy. My DR350 is 280 dry. Has 30hp stock. I can ride it NP in the tight trails. And the seat height is a little bigger than the 650's. Am I going to have problems with this bike? Im 5'7" and 160 pounds.
  4. summitlt

    Pros & Cons of hand guards???

    I like the full wrap around plastic ones. They still keep your levers in good shape when ya dump it. Theyll bend more than youd think. I prefer them over the aluminum wrap arounds. More protection too.
  5. summitlt

    Which bike?

    Weight for weight, the XR might be just a tad lighter than my DR. The weightof the DR doesnt bother me untill its laying on top of me in a pit, or i get into whoop de doos. Its easy to get crossed up. I think the XRR is going to be my next bike, Im going to plate it. When springtime comes the DR and ol CB750 are going on the auction block. Sad to see the DR go, lots of good times on that bike, but she doesnt have then nut I want anymore.
  6. summitlt

    Which bike?

    Right now I have a 96 Suzuki DR350. Ive been eyeing a 650r. The DR is an awesome bike for me, but id like a bit more suspension and a lot more power. The bike would be dualsported as my dr350 is. In the summer I ride the bike every day that it doesnt rain, so ill have a good amount of saddle time and need to be happy with the bike. Id like to be able to ride highway too. Would I be better off with a 450r or a 650r? Im looking for reliability, and the 25 hour topend service interval on the 450 scares me away. I want something thatll start every day, be decent on gas and fun. Am I making a good choice with the 650r? I wont get a 650L
  7. summitlt

    Best bike to be dualsported?

    Looking for a dirt only model to be converted, theres too much BS with a stock Street legal bike. Usually lesser carbs, tank, suspension then the real dirt models. I looked at the 650, but how are these on the trials? Never really seen one in the trials. Not much heaveier (10pds) than my 350.
  8. I have a 96 Dirt DR350 right now. Its a great bike and all but I think ive outgrown it. Suspension just cant keep up with air or whoops. Power is there, but itd be nice to have instant power wheelies. Bike seems to heavy to ever have that. Only requirements I have is that it have a stator stock, I dont want to be swapping a stator in. I was looking at CR 450x's. Seems like a good bike to convert. Looking for something I can keep a while and has mods available. Theres almost no aftermarket for the DR350. Anything else i should look at? Look to spend $3K max. Found a few CRFs for that.
  9. By far the worst experience with online shopping ive ever had, i usually have no problems, but these guys just plain suck. DEC. 2nd I ordered a graphics kit for my dirtbike, $116 shipped. From what I found about the covers theyre good quality and all that. I recieved no recpit for the transaction, shipping confirmation or anything. Dec. 13th, 14th, 18th, and I used the online "contact us" thing on the site with no reply. (even checked spam folder) Email the addy on the site, no luck Email the Paypal address, get a reply 7 days later saying that it was shipped the 22nd (wow?! 20 days after i bought it? maybe its the holiday rush?) Finally recieved it today Jan. 9th, and guess what? ITS THE WRONG F#$KING COVER!!! What a joke, money well spent!
  10. I have a 96 DR350, this really isnt model specific. Looking at the bike head on, the wheel isnt in the fender, its about 15 degrees off. I thought it was the fender, but measuring the bars it shows the fender and bars are right, the wheel is wrong. If I kick the wheel (one of the dumb luck things I did in frustration) I can get it right, but if I ride it, it usually ends up in the same place. What can I do to KEEP the wheel where its supposed to?
  11. Any ideas on what to get? I have a dualsported DR and im using the stock headlight housing with a car bulb in it. It sucks. Need something bigger (but still 65w max) None of the acerbis lights are worth anything, theyre all 35w high beam. Ive been looking at using the dual buell headlights or something. Maybe a single 8" light. Id like to spend under $75 and it needs to be high/low beam. whats everyone else using?
  12. summitlt

    Anyone have a stock exhaust they want to sell me?

    Got one from a 96. email me summitlt@gmail.com
  13. summitlt

    Any ideas on what to do?

    And risk being arrested, im all set.
  14. Last night I was pulled over on my bike and got a ticket for "Operating Motorcycle on permit" because I was riding at night. Its a $137 fine and I lose my licence for 30days since maines licence's are on probation for the first two years. Basically, I want to contest it and try to be able to keep my licence. So I can, you know, go to work! Unfortinatly I work construction, so im driving constantly and need to have my licence to work (especially since im the store runner) Problem is theres no way around it, I rode at night and theres no way to say I didnt know or anything. Any ideas on what I can say or do to keep my licence?
  15. Not DR specific, what do you think would look better? Or what looks better? (Were talking about the tank decal) Here is my bike with the decal. Here is a bike without the decal Which looks better? Id like a new sticker, but I cant see spending $60 on stickers.