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  1. Do you use it mainly of road?, ive supermotarded mine 17in, wide rims superstick radials 160 and 120, and have set up my suspension sags and i'm in the ball park i weigh 165lbs but i would imagine if i was to go offroad it would be way soft.
  2. Gidday anyone fitted these springs front and rear are they as good as they claim?
  3. Yeah i thought as much thanks for the input and Suzuki! :applause :
  4. Re suging i have a 03 with a FMF pipe DYNOKIT plus top of air box cut out like Keintech Eng say to do maybe contact them they maybe able to help, If i hold mine wide open just on the stand it misses and backfires plus sparks leap out of the pipe went to a 160 main but still does it new plugs fitted still no joy as yet i havent rode it on the highway as i have just motarded it and i'm waiting documents any clues on the backfire do they have a limiter in the ignition? Cheers Kevin in CT fron NEWZEALAND
  6. Hi Bucho i run 1606017 pirelli super corsa pro real sticky,i had to offset the rear rim by 5mm to the sprocket side and it now gives clearance in all areas. I run these on my Duke 996 and they are awesome, the thing is with light bikes you need soft tyres to get the heat in them. Cheers Kev
  7. Hi has anyone lowerd there dr 650 front and rear plus put motard wheels on? did you leave the front spacer out or put it below the damping rod as per the instructions. Or is it better to leave the spacer in at the top due, to understeer? how is the top end stability if you leave it out? cheerws kev