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  1. PoorBoyRacing162

    Ever Try Sunoco 110 octane, Purple, Leaded?

    its oxygenated it will seap through your gas tank and eat up seals and such in the carb if it sits too long your graphics will also bubble off the tank, saw it happen to a good buddy in a yzf 250, man does that fuel smell good when its burning
  2. PoorBoyRacing162

    05 yz 125 race gas

    Just purchasing a yz 125 off of a good friend of mine, after he installed a pro circuit pipe and shorty silencer and a v force reed cage it seems we could never get it jetted correctly to run on just pump gas. Ive talked to several other people having this same problem with the 05 and 06 yz 125s after piping them and installing a reed cage. Anyone else on here having this happen or know what i need to do to fix it.
  3. PoorBoyRacing162

    yz 125 pipe

    I just picked up an 05 yz 125 off a good buddy, it has a pro circuit pipe with the shorty silencer and a v force 3 reed cage. Bike aboslutely screams everywhere. Now i rode a 2006 yz 125 back to back with the 05 it had an fmf fatty with shorty silencer and had a ton mor ebottom end but didnt pull nearly as hard up top. It also havd a v force reed cage.
  4. PoorBoyRacing162

    engine seizing

    had a cr 125 that did this once and the piston was too big, it was a wiseco piston and it was expanding too fast and seizing into the cylinder. Just a thought maybe try a different piston. Good luck
  5. PoorBoyRacing162

    Chad Reed

    peronsally think reed needs back on a 2 stroke indoors, i tihnk he was way faster on the 250 2 stroke than he is on the 450 thumper.
  6. PoorBoyRacing162

    the best cr125

    always thought 96 had the best fastest motor. Ive personally owned a 98 (first year of aluminum frame) 2001 (full blown race motor, ported polished head milled v force, pipe silencer cases matched everything) and a 2002. Liked all 3 bikes, the 98 handled like crap the 01 ran awesome with that motor but no bottom end at all and the 02 handled the best.
  7. PoorBoyRacing162

    06 kx250f. who to send it out to?

    Had a yzf 250 with fcr and hated it, the nhad pr2 and absolutely loved it, handled great tracked awesome everything not one complaint. My yz 250 2 strkoe has tom morgan revalved front and rear and it is absolutely amazing the way it feels and handles.
  8. PoorBoyRacing162

    Fuel Injected YZF?

    canondales were fuel injected and the throttle response was insane but the bike was weird, it had a tendancy to shut off all the time, Id much rather haev a carb, Dirt bikes are getting waaay too high tech.
  9. PoorBoyRacing162

    125 2 strokes dead

    in my honest oppinion and i know alot of people around here wher ei liev will also agree, 2 strokes will make a come back. 4 strokes are high maintenance and expensive to buy/ reapair. Alot of people still love the 2 stroke i know i do, especially screaming the guts out of a 125 2 stroke. It takes a talented rider to make a 125 compeat with and beat 250 4 strokes. Long live the 2 stroke
  10. PoorBoyRacing162

    yz125 or yz250

    I have a 2003 yz 250 and love it, im 5'10 and about 130 pounds, ive got an fmf sst pipe and shorty silencer on mine and tom morgan suspension, its alot of bike at first but an awesome bike after you get used to it.