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  1. Congrats! it's a great bike Which spring rate did you end up with ?
  2. How is the handling on the 18 450? I had an 11 that had a bit of unpredictable front end feel. Got right tires/played with chassis setup but could not get totally rid of that behavior. Do you ride Mx or Off-Road/trails? 51 y/o here., Slow Vet C Mx practice. 200 lb.. I'm off a 17 HVA TC250 but wants to go back to a thumper I arrowed down my choices now to either the 18 250YZF or the 450. Got the opportunity to ride a 16 YZ250F (bone stock) and it was just neutral and very confidence inspiring At my weight, even if the 250 pulls me fine, it' still much more gears changes/clutch work than putting around in 3rd gear on the 450. Much closer to a 125 feel with a bit of the added torque feel that 4 strokes engines provide. This will be a bike I plan to keep for a while and not sure if it's really wise to go with the powerful 450 that I will use to 10 % (?) of it's capacity. (rode a 350 SXF and was not really thrilled - not that much more bottom end and I don't ride in the high rpms where it really shines)
  3. Any owner around 200lb ish mark? i'm 50 y/0 vet C and currently on 17 TC250 and considering switching back to a thumper. I did the 450 thing several times in the past but feel they're a bit too much. Riding MX , rather tight track most of the time. i have no doubt the 250F will have enough power but wonder how much "work" it will need to move my carcass. Last and only I owned was my 07 250SXF so no longer a good reference point 450 are pretty much 2nd/3rd gear and forget but as said feeling too much (weight/grunt). Getting tired quick!
  4. I have a TC250 and ride only MX practice. Slow vet C. I would get a TX with no hesitation even for more serious MX. I'm in Daytona Beach area and each year got the GNCC guys coming practice before the FL event during bike week. I've seen Ktm XC, XCW, Husaberg TE, Gas gas , Beta , all with the large tanks/18" rear wheels, "bad" gear ratio, side kickstand and headlights sometimes! All of them had no problem keeping up with fast locals on a rather SX style course. As fast and making all jumps/doubles. I picked the TC because I was not planning heavy mods and wanted to stay within a budget but if I was to do it again, I would save more and get the TX. The TC can be tamed down but it's still a rather hard hitting MX bike with suspension setup accordingly. As pointed out by Monk, 80% (or more) won't eve notice the different gearing. The TX is not a trail bike but a very well rounded "do it all" machine. I had a 13 250 SX KTM that I converted into a 300. I did the XC version rather than the SX. Trust me that was still a wild animal..... MX bikes have become very high performance oriented and I am convinced not many of us (me at least) can really use them at their full potential We just get wrapped up in the cool factor/performance specs/peer pressure. And the TX will have better resale value I think. It's all in the rider anyway: Last WE I saw a guy on a KX 250 (so at best 2007) No graphics, a bit beat up, just a PC pipe and some numbers slapped with what looked like gold tape !!! He was just hauling the mail and as fast as the 450 crowd. I mean it was very entertaining to see him spanking guys (me included) on modern/450 bikes. If money is no issue, and based on what you plan, I would go for the TX with no second thought If you pick a TC, you'll end up with something like that:
  5. Hi Dirtlife here's my setup on the TC. Based on your first post, I guess you won't like that one!!! But they have a shorty version too (with choice between Ti and SST) I have a PC 304 sitting on a shelf (regular, not the shorty) that I tried with the OEM pipe and the FMF. For my riding skills, the FMF combo turned out to be the best Where do you ride ?
  6. Dirtlife, Thanks! that's what I was looking for I came back home late. I'll post pics tomorrow.
  7. I have a 17 TC250 so not far off from the orange version.. and i'm in Florida too I have the FMF fatty with their Powercore 2.1 Ti (the long one). Very good improvement over the stock setup. did not loose any top and really help spreading the power delivery. I finally got my jetting figured out but curious if you could post a pic of the 18 jetting spec page?
  8. Here's a fix https://www.motominded.com/products/afd
  9. Hi, I got the same bike, 50 y/o slow Vet C - Mx practice only What are your jetting specs if you don't mind sharing? I'm using JD blue#3, PJ 32.5 main 440. There's a small rich spot down low but short shifting the bike makes it unnoticeable. I had good results too with OEM jets (40 pilot - 43-73 clip 1 and 450 main). Moving the clip from 2 to 1 cleaned up a mid-throttle overly rich condition but I did not like how it resulted in a loss of torque. Tried 1/2 clip position but still not to my liking I am running the red PV spring at 1-1/4 in from full out. You need to play by 1/4 or 1/2 turn increments to figure out what suits you best. I have an FMF factory fatty (not on the pic here) and Powercore 2.1 silencer The FMF was an improvement (for me) over stock as spreading out the power where stock would have more of a hit. Back in 2013 I had a KTM 250SX that i converted in 300 using the Hardparts kit (used the XC version). Definitely more low end but was not revving as fast as the 250 I'm considering doing the conversion on my TC
  10. I have a TC and I'm pretty familiar with the SX Body work won't bolt on. Mounting points of shrouds, side panels/tank are different at $6K, I'd jump on that SX and would be happy with it. I rode one several times and while both bikes do feel a bit different, I won't say one is better than the other. Jetting sucks on both for sure. Finally got mine dialed in but what a pain Why don't you do a white plastics/custom HVA graphics and call it a day? Brakes are great on both and the Magura clutch on the TC does not stand out in front of the Brembo setup on the SX. If you jump from one bike to the other, there's a different feel at first but you get used to in a few laps It seems not many TC's were ordered by Dealers. Mine came from a Georgia Dealer who sold 3 or 4 and in one year I've seen one only in my area (and it was last week!) Oh and you you also forgot the rims/handlebars/engine clutch cover are different.... And most important you're gonna have to powdercoat that black frame...
  11. The AS is longer , correct. The AG was not fitting well at all in the intake rubber boot and i was not sold on the way it ran. the AS needs the XC-W shorter flange and it's harder to install but it's been running great. Really cleaned up the low/mid range. I thought I finally got the TMX dialed in but temps have increased a lot here in FL and it's again almost impossible to compensate only with AS adjustment. These 17 are nuts anyway. Got a buddy on a 250 SX and his TMX jetting specs would not work at all on my TC. we swapped bikes and could not believe the difference.
  12. 17 TC250: I tried a 38 mm Keihin PWK AG (top cover held by two screws) and used the stock cable/throttle housing. Had to adjust the fee play on the throttle close to minimum but no issue. Now using a 38 Keihin PWK AS (plastic top cover is screwed on) and still no problem with stock cable/throttle. Actually tons of free play adjustment left
  13. 17 TC250 First and before anything else I'd recommend taking out the reeds cage Mine was a mess with very concave cage surface showing big gaps along the reeds sealing areas. This is a well known issue by now on the 17 smokers ... cages are warped, some are breaking reeds (seems breakage is way less often than the crappy cage) http://m.vitalmx.com/forums/Tech-Help-Race-Shop,42/17-HVA-TC250-jetting,1309378 Talked to a friend in Europe who is sponsored by a very large HVA dealer. They are seeing the exact same issues, and so far Husqy claims it's only a Quality control issue on the reeds, Sure... Chased my tails for weeks between stock and JD jetting... Was running real bad. Mix of reach/lean/bog. Once I fixed this, first ride with 42.5 PJ, 43-73#3 and 460 main was a night and day improvement. I could have played more with the OEM stuff but I already had purchased a JD kit and had very positive results with them in the past it's running real good now 32.5 PJ, Blue needle ##, 460 main No airbox massacre for me. JD posted some Dyno test with airbox cover on vs drilled or removed. No HP gain. And from my standpoint more opportunity to get exposed to water and debris It seems the Lectron will benefit more to those who have major altitude changes during a day I'm in Florida so....
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