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  1. I'd go with a 40 tooth on the back for the trip, then after you get there you can put something else on it. A 40 would keep your rev's lower, and it would be a good idea to stay away from the interstate IMO.\ Also, think about litte stuff like tires and PSI in them.
  2. But I could use it without the analog odometer, because it also has a digital speedo, correct? The odometer isn't as important to me as a working speedo. My bike doesn't have a cable from either wheel, just stuff for the brakes. I bought the bike used, so I don't know what has been messed with. It doesn't have any hour,odometer,speedo, etc. Thanks
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    Bye everyone

    Maybe you'll figure it out with the next clutch kit, hehe. Rockymountain usually has good deals on tusk clutch kits, and they've been great kits for me. You could also try the TT store, although I haven't checked it out yet.
  4. I hate to ask a dumb question, but what's a speedo drive? If my bike doesn't have one, where could I locate one? I really need a functional speedo for when I run on the roads. Thanks
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    Bye everyone

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. On my bike ( 86' XR250), I usually go larger than a nickel thickness of play. It seems like when I adjust to nickel thickness, it slips, which is what your bike is doing. Just try adjusting out alittle bit more. Also, make sure you aren't riding the clutch. If that doesn't help it, go with stiffer springs and verify that you've got everything installed correctly and the clutch mechanism on the side cover is working properly. About the suspension..., it's a trail bike not an MX bike. The suspension will be softer than you would probably like for jumps, etc. You could always firm them up if you would like.