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  1. Hadn't thought of a Kawasaki. I'll look into it. I'm kinda diggin' these 2011 300 XC-Ws. Sharp looking bike. Thanks, Ryan
  2. Thanks all! Very helpful. I'm working in Afghanistan for the next 4 months, so when I get back, I'll be heading to the dealer to sit on a few bikes to see how they feel. They also have a few leftover 2009 and 2010 models, at discounted prices... so that may be a deciding factor as well. I'm excited to get back into it!
  3. Thanks guys... the more I read, the more I'm torn between bikes. I'm glad to hear from other short folks too, I figure your advice will be the most sound. Maybe I wasn't clear in my OP. My old bike was a 2006 200XC-W. So it had FWW, 18' rear wheel, all the standard stuff. It was also outfitted it with skidplate, radiator guards, FMF gnarly (because I instantly crushed my stocker on my first ride), low cut seat and hand guards. The 200XC-W didn't stall much, but those instances that did cause a stall were usually tricky ones to get out of... usually hillclimb fails, or some other glorious crash which would leave the bike and I laying in two separate sections of the woods. I crash a lot... I ride with some fast A-B riders, and right now, I'm probably a C rider (just a guess). My 200 didn't have the power to make some of the epic hillclimbs (I should say cliff climbs) that my buddies on the 450/530 4-strokes would make, especially when they were loose sand, coal or mud. A few other guys on the 200s (much taller and heavier than I) had the same problem. I'm wondering if that was more of a 2-stroke traction issue than a power issue? Plus I didn't like the way it tracked in the woods, felt unstable as hell, but I'm sure a suspension guy could have fixed that. I'm pretty sure that my suspension was all wrong, because I would deflect off of EVERYTHING and small rock and roots would send me into the air high enough to pull a heel-clicker before landing back down on the trail. I would always ride a gear high through the single-track, seemed to be the most effective way to keep a smooth tempo thru the woods. I only considered the 105 because I could literally shoulder press the thing if I wanted to. Might come in handy for those times when the bike land on top of me. Just so light... sounds like fun. Is there any kind of big bore kit for them that will get ya somewhere around 125-150cc? Otherwise, I think the 250 or 300 2-strokes would have that little extra "oomph" that the 200 didn't have. And the 4-strokes just seem to dig in and grab traction no matter how loose, or wet the terrain. I think I wanna stick to KTM, because ALL of my buddys ride them, so spare parts are plentiful in that click. Plus they are lighter than the Jap bikes. I grew up riding Suzukis (DS80, RM80) and I even had a DRZ125L a few years back, just for play riding. I had 2 Suzuki GSXR 750s (1995 and 2004)... but street riding is a whole different (and dangerous) monster. So I'm not new to riding, I just want to make an educated purchase. Thanks again for all your input!
  4. Thank all. Helpful input for sure. Yeah, I'll never flatfoot a full sized bike, lowered or not... so I'm against any full sizers that don't have e-start. So that scratches another 200 off my list, besides, the KTM website stats show the 200 seat height is identical to the 250F and the 300, but I know the KTM site isn't always accurate. At 155lbs, I'm within the target rider weight range for the stock springs on the 250F (150-185lbs), not sure what the stock weight range is on the 300XC-W. If it came down to asthetics, I'd say I really like the look of the 300. But the 250F is calling my name as well; no premix, lights, etc... Decisions are the worst...
  5. Thanks for the input, but no can do. 200 was sold several years ago. I'm looking for somthing with more torque now, and E-Start. Which is why the 300 and the 250F are on my list. Thoughts?
  6. Hello all, I'm 30 years old, 5'3" tall and 155 lbs. I have a 29' inseam. Short legs. After a 3 year hiatus, I'm getting back into riding. I ride tight, east-coast singletrack, loaded with rocks, roots, ruts, hills and mud. My previous bike (sold) was a 2006 200XC-W. Great bike, but at my height it was way too tall for me. Kickstarting it on anything other than perfectly level ground was a huge challenge, and trying to start it on the side of a hill after a failed hillclimb was a nightmare. Plus, that bike needed to be revved a little to keep in the power, so in the slow, technical stuff, if I stalled, I'd usually drop the thing on it's side... crushed my stock pipe after 1 hour on my very first ride. A tourqier bike is in order. My next bike either has to fit my height, or have E-start. The 250XCF-W and the 300XC-W (e-start) have caught my eye. I've also considered getting a 105SX, and throwing a bigger tank and a FWW on it. They only weigh 150lbs! All the guys I ride with ride 4st KTMs (250XC-Ws, 530 EXCs, 450XCs). They are against the 105SX idea, saying that the smaller wheels and lack of power will put me a ta disadvantage. Hard to say. I guess the real question is, for my style of riding, which bike (250XCF-W or 300XC-W) would be easier to flick around in the tight stuff? I like the idea of not having to bother with premix on the 4 stroke, and I may be able to get a sweet deal on a leftover 2009, but that's not for certain. But I also read that even the 300 2 stroke is torquey as hell and nimble to handle. Where my short people at? Please advise. Thanks, - Ryan
  7. Other than the tranny, are there any other differences between the XC and the XC-W? Both a friend of mine an the local dealer said that the XC-W has softer suspension, but I haven't seen anyone mention that on this site. Who knows the truth about the suspension claims?
  8. Hi, I'm 5'3" and weigh 150lbs. I need something light. I was looking into the new 200 XC for a lot of play riding and some hare scramble racing. To me it seems like the XC would be a more practical choice than the XC-W because most offroad riding isn't done at top speed. Wouldn't the close ratio gear box give you more grunt at any given point in the rpm range? I 'm a dirttbike veteran, but new to racing, so maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know where in the MD/PA/VA area a 25 year old can go to race a DRZ125? I don't even know where to begin looking. Please advise, thanks.
  10. Looks like I have a few months to save my money then... freakin' sweet! I hope they don't make the damn thing any taller.
  11. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and your advice. I've heard rumors that the 2007 RM-Z250 will have an aluminum frame. Does anyone know what the weight difference will be between the '06 and the '07 bikes? I wanna get the lightest bike possible. Thanks again.
  12. HID, what mods have been done to that DRZ shown in your video?
  13. Thats some good air for that bike. What is your height/weight and do you have stock springs on the bike?
  14. Well, I don't actually have the bike yet. Otherwise I'd definetely trade ya. I'm thinking I may just hold out and get an '07 when they come out... or maybe I'll ask the guy to give me an '06 at discounted price. Either way, it's gonna be "Freakin Sweet!"
  15. How deep are the seats that you can trim them? I fear an inch won't be enough. Damn you tall people and your tall tendencies! Just kiddin, thanks for the idea.