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  1. ps i haven't been back here for like a year? I will try to check in. or if you are on facebook friend me there.
  2. a couple weeks and the park trails should be in much better shape. This time of year it only takes 2-3 mud tired, snorkel type 4x4 atv's to kill the trails. Once the frost is out, and things firm up good and solid we get more aggressive in hours open. always check the web site, we will have it updated every Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes during the week as well if something pertinent is needed. Also if you wish a text update send that in off the website as well. this weekend looks pretty good sunday the best. but open both days. wardy
  3. not totally true statement there. yes they decided to make everyone buy a sticker (they say the state of IL is going to build and maintain a riding park HA!) but it will NOT need a title or registration to get the sticker, it will be like a fishing license. still I call it bullchit, why should people PAY for a sticker that ride on private property????? hopefully this law will be knocked down next year, but once IL gets a taste of money, we are screwed. I say build the park, then charge for the stickers if you RIDE THERE>>>>>>!
  4. I don't see any "riding/racing" history here. more of a monster truck, demo derby thing? http://mcsandtrap-com.webs.com
  5. We have the same crap coming to IL this summer. July 1st that simliar kind of Law takes effect. Hopefully we can beat it back and fight this. Private property rights have been screwded over for quite a few years. This "registration sticker" laws are nothing more then a revenue stream. In Illinois there is absolutely not one square foot of property owned by the state or federal government that you can ride on!!! Yet we now are blessed with a sticker program even on private property. For that DNR dude to take the machine, and you still haven't got it back yet? well this is why riders need to ban together and fight this stuff. we have been complacient way to long. ABATE works well for road rider types, but fail miserably with this kind of stuff. AMA works well nationally but needs alot of help on the local level. Keep this up, and we all will not be riding on any property.
  6. go to http://www.amadistrict17.com/clubpromoters/clubs.html you will find many places to ride / race in northern IL.
  7. race day schedule posted up! it's about that time again! http://www.megacross.com/raceorder12.pdf
  8. trackman


    LoL i spent 6months working at trying to simply RENT buffalo. not going to happen and well today, buffalo doesn't exist anymore, maybe some trails but the tracks have reverted back to scrub. Tower burnt and gone, water tank cut up for scrap. Nothing is left. It's sickening. I talked to my old friend Don who helped me build the track there back in the 90's, just last week for the first time in years. Good guy it's a shame. Cooperland always impressed me. I think it's problem was or is that it's in a non organized area and never generated the numbers to make it a viable business interest. If it is now Robbie's track he should be able to make it a place to race for sure!!
  9. Anyone know the story is it open? closed? for sale? can't seem to find anything out. thanks
  10. no need to register anything if it's dirt only.
  11. trackman

    K-burg 12/18 !

    west side of IL right by the MIssippi. all sand and is great to ride this time of year.
  12. trackman

    K-burg 12/18 !

    not me I will be at FVOR today all day. LOL. but will be at Kburg in March twice even!
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