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  1. prince_ruben

    Seriously, XR's Only?? [rant]

    If you want to sell the supermoto wheels you have a buyer in me. On topic, I had them do some head work for me and while it took longer than forecasted they did excellent work.
  2. Hey Guys. What bike do you guyd recommend to be used as a commuter 64 highway miles per day, and handle trails and single person camping on the weekend?
  3. prince_ruben

    XR650L Tires

    I just had my front Dunlop K850A tire blow out on me on the highway and replaced front and rear D606 with a set of Avon Distanzias. Only rode 20 miles but they feel pretty solid.
  4. prince_ruben

    650L big fins/clutch cable routing

    Cool, thanks man. I just bought a longer bolt and an aluminum spacer and bent the bracket a bit.
  5. Hey any pics of an 650L with big fins? Would like to see your clutch cable routing. Thanks