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  1. yeah its fine to run pump gas. im sure most of us on here do. and i dont think you would have to rejet unless you switched your premix ratio.
  2. adjust your throttle stop.
  3. the trail/creek bed part of it isnt that bad, maybe a 6 or 7?. but if you go down the creek bed its the hills to get out that are a real b*tch. maybe 8 or 9? still fun, nonetheless.
  4. id go..if i had a ride lol.
  5. my brother just put some supercharger on his 4.8L chevy. he doesnt tow anything but he sure does go fast.
  6. you have just made my day, a wholllllllllllllllllllle lot better.
  7. where can i find a top end for a 2001 ktm300 mcx(?) ?. my buddy needs one and i told him i would help him find one. anyone no where i can get it?
  8. i cant seem to find one. maybe im not looking hard enough?
  9. well whatever you use, its gonna be a fast cart. Click here to see Video
  10. i no this is supposed to be in trucks/trailers..but i need a quick answer. please dont delete. My brothers K&N filter in his truck needs to be clean. I know you can rewash the filters for a lifetime. How do you do it tho? Do you just wash it clean with the hose and let it dry, or is there some ceratin cleaner? Help quick cause i need to do it and let it dry! thanks
  11. ive ridden one. it didnt impress me all that much
  12. i ride carnegie and hollister too. So im guessing we're all in the same area
  13. lol its more like survival.
  14. I know what you mean. For me, it seems if I'm trying a hill, and i start out too slow, then i wont make it, and i ususally dont. But if i go at it too fast, i always manage to hit a wrong bump and make a mistake cause im going to fast. So, what i usually do it just find a certain speed and try to keep that speed all the way up. If i find myself slowing down, I'll try and get back up to my speed. I use the clutch alot. If im doing a wheelie (when i dont want to), i usualy dont stand up, instead ill let off of the throttle for a split second, then keep going. But there have been times ive found myself on a hill that i cant seem to keep the front end down, or the back tire with grip. I found myself SOL on those hills. Lol
  15. or not