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  1. spyder8850

    Spark Plug removal question

    I think it would much easier to obtain the right tool for the spark plug removal for the bike than in where I come. I used a CBR400 (super4) spark plug remover. There share the same spark plug size and its shorter than the conventional long spark plug removal tool.
  2. spyder8850

    GTYR products for WR4

    What else can I do then on the WR4? Closest to YZ as much as possible.
  3. spyder8850

    GTYR products for WR4

    Hey guys, just wanna enquire, is it possible to mount the following items onto my WR? GYTR Clutch Basket GYTR Clutch Inner Hub GYTR Clutch Pressure Plate GYTR Clutch Cover GYTR Flywheel - YZ450F If so, which year does it goes well with?
  4. spyder8850

    recommendations for a replacement clutch cover

    Speaking of clutch cover, Is there any GYT-R billet cover for WR4 01'model?
  5. spyder8850

    Frame & Rear shock absorber Too Hot

    Make sense Don't you always get HOT when being stroked!?
  6. spyder8850

    Frame & Rear shock absorber Too Hot

    Do you have pic of it, if your don't mind?!
  7. spyder8850

    Frame & Rear shock absorber Too Hot

    That is exactly what I was thinking too... I try to get some heat tape and fibre washers to fix them up... Thanks guys!
  8. Anyone having experience after a long ride, the frame (right side) and the rear shock absorber is too hot due to the exhaust pipe being mounted too close to them. Anyone uses anything here to reduce the heat? Does the heat cause any long term effect on the rear shock canister?
  9. spyder8850

    WR Speedometer

    Meaning, Trailtech is much better than the OEM Speedo?
  10. spyder8850

    WR exhaust on YZ

    Couldn't agree more! The yz426 pipe is one noisy piece of metal. One yz426 is noisy enough to get you irritated to your balls, try having 2 as your friends! I'm using the yz450 05' model. It's longer and is made of aluminum. The sound is hollow and mild but still have the kind of grunt whilst throttling it hard. But don't know whether its higher than 96db.
  11. spyder8850

    What are the benefits of doing the yZ Timing?

    Sorry... Jus to add, Meaning if I have a WR400 (2000), all I have to do is to turn the exhaust cam one tooth clockwise to enjoy a yz timing. And if I want to have auto-decomp on my ride, I simply change it to yz450 (2003 and below). And I won't have to worry about the timing chan being wear-off faster than it should be. Do I need to re-jet the carb?
  12. spyder8850

    Is this the YZ450 Camshaft part number for my bike?

    Sorry Off-Topic. Assuming that you are riding a WR using a YZ cam with yz timing. Does the timing chain wears off faster than it should be?
  13. spyder8850

    WR Speedometer

    Lovely! Thanks! Does anyone have any problems with the meter? Any feedbacks?
  14. spyder8850

    WR Speedometer

    Hi all, Does anyone have the part number to this 06 wr450F speedometer? Is there a website dedicated for easy access for parts of yamaha WR's & Yz's? http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/machines/2006/yamaha/wrspeedo.jpg Thanks