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  1. landshark

    95 300 exc motor in 2000 300exc

    dose anyone know if a motor out of a 1995 exc 300 will drop in a 2000 300 exc frame?
  2. dose anyone know if an 04 yz125 motor will bolt in to an 05 yz125 frame?
  3. landshark

    yz290f bigbore jetting.

    i am running an 170 main in my 07 wr and it runs stong up to 6000 feet
  4. landshark

    290 BB Cam setup?

    i am running a magnum cylinder with a 83mm wiseco piston on my 07 wr 70 hour on it with no problems. just did the ringsi also had an athena on my 04 wr that i put 180 hours on it. went thur 4 piston.i you use the athena cylinder run a wiseco piston.
  5. landshark

    290 BB Cam setup?

    290 kit with a wiseco piston in it stage one intake stage 2 exhaust with a rekluse pro in my 07 wr.70 hours on it with 6 dist 36 enduros and 3 family in that time. doing the rings right now. never missed a beat
  6. landshark

    X tank on a R

    will an 04 crf250x tank fit on a 07 crf450r?
  7. landshark

    why me...crf250x

    how can you do it yourself for 200
  8. landshark

    R triple clamps on X

    will 08-9 clamps will work on my 04 04 x. will 08-9 450 clamps work
  9. landshark

    R triple clamps on X

    will a set of triple clamps off a 2004 CRF250R fit on my 2004 CRF250X
  10. landshark

    R suspension on X

    thank you
  11. landshark

    R suspension on X

    looking to find out what year r forks and shock will fit on my 04 X and what if anything i will have to do to get them to fit ?
  12. landshark

    JE 290 Quality Control Problem

    i bought an wiesco kit from them and have 70 trouble free hours on it. bolted right on no problem. it came with a magnum cylinder
  13. landshark

    09 wr cams in 01 wr

    yes they will fit and should help with starting
  14. landshark

    CP piston?

    i have a wiseco 83 mm piston in my 07 wr with 53 hours on. still running strong
  15. landshark

    Time for an R Cam

    i have an 06 R cam if you want it pm me