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  1. ALK

    Was it better WITH the ChinaBikes???

    i was test driving the panterra for a friend. Who has never rode/ owned a bike before. My first dual sport was a Suzuki DR125. I drove the panterra more than 20 feet but not much. It didnt feel as if it had even half of what my old dr125 did. It was on craigslist and has probably been listed on there 10 times in the past 3 months. The guy can not get rid of it, and he only wanted 600.00 for it.
  2. ALK

    Was it better WITH the ChinaBikes???

    Hey ive owned many bikes and have been riding both dirt and street for around 10 years. If you look at my join date i just found/joined the website recently. i guess your just a bad ass and know everything because you have so many posts. Hey keep up the good work, im sure everyone is impressed when they see how many posts you have.
  3. ALK

    Was it better WITH the ChinaBikes???

    I really like my XT 350. I wouldnt trade it for a junk chinabike. I test drove a Pantera 125cc china bike for a friend, i drove it probably 20 feet and then back and said no way. I think i couldve run faster. That thing had only 36 miles on it and felt like it was about to fall apart under me.
  4. ALK

    XT350 tires?

    I have the kenda trak master II front and rear on my 1990 xt350. I really like them so far, only had them for about 100 miles. I have a 110-100-18 rear and a 81-100-21 on the front.
  5. ALK

    Where to start?

    i recently got a yamaha xt350. I love it, its got a low seat height and has pleanty of power for me. There is pretty much no aftermarket available for it but i think it would be a good bike to "learn" on plus i dont think you would get bored with it real fast.