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  1. Sean88gt

    Awesome 2 stroke article

    All I want is Kawasaki to make a KDX200 OR KDX220 again. Absolutely, on both accounts! I've thought about picking up a 200/220 and just doing the suspension conversion. I'm fat, I'm slow and I scare easy these days, so one of the above mentioned would be perfect. Maybe it's being from Colorado, but I remember getting my lunch fed to me on my OLD xr200 by a KDX and fell in love (this was early 90's). This article made me happy.
  2. Sean88gt

    What PW50 Training wheels do you recommend?

    I don't disagree, but I was on a motorcycle (z50) before I mastered the bicycle. He's got balance, we did the balance bike. I'm not even sure why I went with training wheels on his bike to begin with - my own fear, perhaps? I'm a ginger, so this kid is making me go blonde I'm with you. He's my only rider. My daughters have no interest (although it is developing since they see little brother riding) so I didn't really have anyone else to test anything on.
  3. Sean88gt

    What PW50 Training wheels do you recommend?

    I've been going through this with my son. I made his training wheels, and honestly went too wide. My problem has been consistency due to schedule and riding locations (I'm in TX which puts everything about 2 hours away). His first ride out he literally scared the hell out of himself (About 4 yrs and 4 months). Did the freeze up and blitzed WOT across a field roughly 125-150 yards. It took a few months to get him back on but now I can't get him to give me a break. He loves riding but the training wheels need to go. I need to get them off because last night he had his first crash/get off. Ran across a section that was hogged out by a set of dual wheels from a dump truck and lost rhythm, his boot came off the peg and he flat fell off. One of the mounting bolts caught him in the back of the leg, just about the knee, and scraped him up. He got up and got right back at it, but it really showed me the danger of keeping the training wheels on. So now I'm trying to figure out to get him going with the training wheels off.
  4. Sean88gt

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    I've ridden in a number of places and I'll give my opinions. In Texas, it seems that quads are a beacon for rednecks (not that dirtbikes aren't...). They destroy areas, leave trash, and so forth. It can be argued that any motorized sports are destructive, but I was always taught to do minimal damage, stay on the trails and clean up after myself. Quad riders didn't seem to get that lesson. In Colorado (and other mountain regions) it seems that quads have filled a gap somewhere between jeeps and motorcycles. So you'd see a lot of people coming to visit that would have an immediate increase in testicular fortitude that isn't really there. They attempt single tracks and get stuck - which hampers all riders ability to enjoy the trail. I had one on my land and it was fine when used functionally, but outside of dune riding, I'll keep my recreation on a motorcycle. Side note, back after a ~4 year hiatus.
  5. Sean88gt

    why ride 2 stroke

    I enjoy my 250f from the standpoint of filling up and going, but the next bike will most likely be a Katoom 2 stroke.
  6. Sean88gt

    Are you worthy of your bike?

    The only sticker I have on mine (other than factory) is the lil Gaerne one that came with my boots. It makes the rear fender just pop!
  7. $1200, tops. Why can't you take it on long trail rides?
  8. Sean88gt

    Since I can't roast my tires naturally...

    I blasted into a deer at 70 in my F-350, so I've been driving my Nissan with 134 HP this week - it sucks! Not sure if it's the size of the truck or the lack of power (shutting off the a/c to climb a hill sucks balls) but I can't believe I ever bought this thing. Anyone interested in a 95 Nissan 4x4, 1 owner with 181k miles?
  9. Sean88gt

    Crash stories...

    I remember most of my first crash. I was on an old Honda ATC90 (not so old when I was riding it;)) 3 wheeler. Racing my cousin (I was 6 she was 9) and my dad was yelling at me to slow down when I turned around to look at him. No gear either. As I was looking back the bike started to roll with the terrain (crowned road with a washout ditch) when I remember dad disappearing and seeing sky, then ground for what seemed like an eternity of changing sky to ground to sky to ground when I finally saw bright green and a bad headache. Next thing I remember is my dad running with me and the back seat of a Mercury Zephyr, cream colored (the fox body style:D) and a rush off to the only medical facility close in the huge town of Westcliffe, CO. I had bitten clean through my tongue and had the usual bang ups. They had to put stitches in twice and I still remember the pain of the need going in the front of my tongue all the way to the end so they could stitch everything back together. 2 weeks later, Disney Land!
  10. Sean88gt

    can any of you relate?

    I wasn't in the mood at first, but now I want to be hauling ass more than anything!
  11. Sean88gt

    mx simulator

    In a former career I had Southwest Airlines as an account so I have some seat time in the 737 simulators (the real deal) and you could do that. What was scary is the replica cockpit that moved like a plane does.
  12. Sure it does. The mood of the country is changing and the 'Have-nots' have been told by Das Fuhrer that they should be outraged and rightfully deserve handouts because life hasn't been fair to them.
  13. Sean88gt

    Movie: On Any Sunday

    Any way to copy/save as on that one? I remember my dad and I sitting down and watching that when I was a kid.
  14. Sean88gt

    Rekluse adjusting

    Not to hi-jack the thread, how do you like your rekluse? I'm thinking after I get the suspension done that will be my next mod. Trying to get a damn 250f to rock climb sucks.
  15. I'd never taken a bike through sand until a few weeks ago and had to learn ASAP. I was transitioning from wet sand to deep/dry sand. Thank God for good upper body strength ans quick reactions, but as said, more speed = less sink.