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  1. exctrailrider

    250xc. Excessive spooge.

    I've only had the silencer for a few months and I ride every weekend.. It's pretty much new. I run dumonde tech at 40:1. I talked to my dealer the other day and he said to drop the needle a clip so I'm going to try that since it worked on my dad's bike. I'll keep you guys posted on how it works.
  2. exctrailrider

    250xc. Excessive spooge.

    gmoss, the as is at 1.5 I believe. I was riding in the woods so there were times of lugging and time of wot. Maybe this is the cause for the spooge? Layton, I'll see if I can get a jet from my dealer today and try that out. Thanks for the help guys
  3. exctrailrider

    250xc. Excessive spooge.

    I tried that with no luck! O well, I'll keep trying and maybe snap a better one.
  4. exctrailrider

    250xc. Excessive spooge.

    Yeah I couldn't get it to focus right... If the plug is good (like that one seems to be) would it be a risk to lean out the needle?
  5. exctrailrider

    250xc. Excessive spooge.

    Thanks mike. I think you're right. I just pulled the plug and it didn't look too bad (but I'm not good at reading plugs).. I don't want to fry it by moving the clip. Here's some pics Any thoughts?
  6. exctrailrider

    250xc. Excessive spooge.

    Thanks for the reply layton. Are you saying I should drop the needle again? (It will make it two places lower than stock)
  7. exctrailrider

    250xc. Excessive spooge.

    Hey guys, I have an 07 250xc and had a question on jetting. It's been running fine but the last ride (which was 70 degrees outside rather than 30 which I'd been riding before) it had a lot of spooge. My jettings stock besides the needle dropped one clip. Should I drop it one more? I ride around 300-1500 ft. elevation. I think the excessive stooge could be from the PC type 296 sparky I put on combined with the warmer weather. My dad's jetting on his 08 300xcw is stock with the needle dropped two clips and it runs crisp with little to no spooge. This may be comparing apples to oranges, but its what makes me think of dropping the needle one more. Any thoughts?
  8. exctrailrider

    the 2 stroke picture thread

    My 07 250 xc: (at 24 hr. of starvation ridge) (me riding my dad's 08 300xcw for night portion of the 24)
  9. exctrailrider

    Post pics of your 250!

    Nice bikes guys! MX, did you buy those graphics off ebay? It looks factory!
  10. exctrailrider

    Post pics of your 250!

    Very cool! Keep em coming!
  11. exctrailrider

    China Hat 2008

    We just signed up my brother, dad, and me. I'm racing open B this year, because I was sorta sandbagging in the Beginner class at the 24hr. This is only my third race, but I ride a lot and am pretty confident over east. What should I look forward to? Besides aches and pains for the week following of course.... Will there be hidden gas cans for the people who can't go 50 miles on a tank? I'm riding the 250xc, so I should be good, but my friend will be on the 144sx with a tiny tank. Looking forward to the event!
  12. exctrailrider

    Post pics of your 250!

    Nice bike! What year is it? Keep the pics coming!
  13. exctrailrider

    Post pics of your 250!

    Since theres a thread about 200s and 300s, why not have one of the 250s? I'll kick it off.. These are the most recent pics, although I just added an orange chain and new CS. Your turn!
  14. Nice! Thanks for the vid! Hope you got some C class action too! I hear a DVD is coming out? Any idea when it's going to be available and where I can get it? I actually just rode Rock Hill today! It was greasy but a blast!
  15. exctrailrider

    Live from Starvation

    I'm so sore and tired, but we finished! I had no crashes, five laps and no break downs (besides having my helmet light go out for a sec). A few of my team mates took a soil sample though (hehe). I'll try to post a few pics tomorrow when I'm more awake. It was an epic race!