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  1. milk001

    2006 klr650 electrical problem

    should i buy the "kits" or just tie them together?
  2. milk001

    2006 klr650 electrical problem

    dealer claimed that the problem was fixed, my question is what else would cause this? cdi? relay? Dealer said that he will pick it up but i want to know for the future. Another question should the bike turn over with the clutch out and in neutral?
  3. just bought it, it is a pain in my ass! When i went to pick it up it wouldn't start for the dealer, he finally got it running? it is getting fuel but i guess there was a clutch bypass problem so they fixed it? I rode it home and park it! now it wont start, i smell fuel but what else would cause this besides the obvious, spark,maybe a relay? thanks for your advice.