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    Questions on SSR c4

    Thanks.... will the plug already be gapped properly ? I have checked all over the carb to see whatsize it is. I cant find any markings other than it is a mikuni. I am not sure but I believe it is a 24MM carb. The ouside diameter where the air filter attaches to teh carb is 40 MM (1 1/2 iches). Should I order by that measurment ? Also, can I use my no-toil filter oil on a uni filter. ? I am trying to post pics but not having any luck. Not exactly sure how to. Any advice is appreciated here. Nice vids.....
  2. moanzie

    Questions on SSR c4

    Guys I am new here and have a couple of questions. I have an SSR C4 from Outlaw. Nice bike...So far I am extremely pleased. Here are a couple of questions ... 1. Will one of the Boysen ignition covers sold by T-bolt fit on my zonger 125 ? http://*************/store/product_info.php?products_id=171 2. What spark plug should I use to replace the stocker ? 3. Any ideas on wher I can find a replcement gasket for thr brake master cylinder ? 4. What Air Filter should I use and what size would I buy?