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  1. jonisnumber1


    is a rt100 a 2stroke?
  2. jonisnumber1

    rt 100

    where can i look for threads about yamaha rt100?
  3. jonisnumber1

    My New Custom Sticker Kit

    does "22 mil" mean 22 millimetres thick?
  4. jonisnumber1

    My New Custom Sticker Kit

    isnt 22mil like as thick as a texta?
  5. jonisnumber1

    look wat china has bought out

    well this is obviously the next thing to kill someone... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/EXTREME-49CC-PETROL-WHIPPET-MINI-STUNT-DIRT-BIKE_W0QQitemZ300032981339QQihZ020QQcategoryZ75222QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. jonisnumber1

    my latest Z 50

    i swear i saw this on AUS eBay
  7. jonisnumber1

    should I buy this SDG speed mini?

    does this look weird or what? http://www.fmxaustralia.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=75970 sorry for the off topic post
  8. jonisnumber1

    Looking for a mini

    proverts were the "top of the line" motoverts but they dont make them anymore, they make motovert pros/experts instead.
  9. jonisnumber1

    I need pictures of your guys' bikes!

    thats fugly
  10. jonisnumber1

    Mojo Motorcycles?

    there is a link just click on 1 of the bikes http://www.mojomotorcycles.com.au/pit_bikes.php
  11. jonisnumber1

    Mojo Motorcycles?

    dunno if they can be shipped...they would be about $2000
  12. jonisnumber1

    1991 Z50

    are big bars expensive for these bikes? (im new)
  13. jonisnumber1

    1991 Z50

    ok thanks. any1 else got opinions?
  14. jonisnumber1

    1991 Z50

    that is $370 in american dollars