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  1. livingmx


    Has anyone in MX/Freestyle history done a frontflip? If so, is there a video of it?
  2. Sooo..... Is there anything less than a 250 with electric start? I want a 250, but I'm also curious what my options are.
  3. livingmx

    Anyone go riding in the snow?

    Alright, you all talked me into it. I'm gonna start snow riding:ride: ! I need to get studded tires or make them myself though. Whew... I'm glad the fun doesn't stop at winter:thumbsup: ! Thanks!
  4. Do those bikes have electric start?
  5. You guys have helped me a lot in the past with other bike problems, always appreciated! ..But here's another question for anyone who would know about this issue. So this is probably a silly question:excuseme: . I currently drive a DRZ-400e, I love the electric start option:thumbsup: but the bike is just too much especially when I go offroad. So I'm looking for a smaller bike between the 125-250cc range (smaller & hopefully lighter in weight) just for offroad use..lol..of course. Are there any bikes in that cc range that have electric start???????? I'm no bike expert:confused: as I'm still just getting into the sport. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Dawn
  6. I live in the mountains and we've already started getting snow for about a month now:thumbsdn: . I wasn't able to go riding much this year because everyone in our family had surgeries:eek: ! So if I wasn't down in recovery, then I was taking care of someone who was. Now everyone's better, but it's snowing now:cry: . If I can, I'd like to go riding again, .... or am I doomed to wait till next year:banghead: ? Is snow even worth riding in? Does anyone have any 'good' experience riding in the snow? Any tips?? Oh, BTW, I have a DRZ-400e. Dawn
  7. livingmx

    What's a good packed lunch?

    I wish he would do that! But the man has been spoiled on good restaurant meals paid for by his company for about 6 years before I met him . He also, always checks the expiration dates on EVERYTHING! He's not creative when it comes to lunches for himself . Hence the reason he usually buys lunch while at work rather than packs it. ...So this is where I must step in and rescue the man from boring packed lunches. Only problem is...I've never been one myself for creative packed lunches.
  8. livingmx

    What's a good packed lunch?

    WOW! Greath advise and suggestions so far! Keep 'em comin'! Thanks
  9. livingmx

    What's a good packed lunch?

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out some packed lunches for my husband to take to work with him (to save some dough on the lunch outings). I've thought of a few ideas, but was wondering if anyone here has any good 'packable' lunch recipes or ideas (for a grown man) that you wouldn't mind sharing. Any suggestions, ideas, recipes, etc welcome!! Dawn
  10. livingmx

    O.T. Need help, daughters acne...

    Acne SUCKS! I had severe acne since I was about 10 years old (27 now)! Nothing seemed to work. I tried, Proactive, Accutaine, Birth control pills, over the counter regimens, regimens from out of the country, Aesthetician recommended regimens, face masks, homemade face masks, anything that said 'acne control' on it, advice from others and NOTHING WORKED! Came to find out I was allergic to ANYTHING with peanuts, peanut oil, and peanut products in them! (Noooooooo I love peanuts, and peanut butter, and reeses peanut butter cups, and butterfinger, and peanutbutter cookies .) ..But peanut 'anything' would guarentee mass breakouts within 30 minutes. ....AND I also found out that dairy products especially yogurt, and ice cream, ..then milk would also make me breakout . So, I relulctantly cut peanut stuff COMPLETELY out of my diet, and only have milk on my cereal in the morning, but I don't drink it, and the acne died down A LOT! Then when I cut fried and greesy foods and junk foods out of my diet, I would hardly break out after that! Now that I'm 27 I still avoid peanut 'stuff' like the plague , and keep my milk consumption VERY LOW (I refuse to eat yogurt or ice cream because these are guarenteed to break me out), and I still don't eat junk food (great way to stay skinny and healthy,... let your skin dictate what you eat..lol), the only new thing for me is the kind of alcohol I drink....the only alcohol that DOESN'T EVER make me break out the next morning is RED WINE! All other alcohol does! Talk about taking the fun out of everything ! Heh, gives new meaning to "You are what you eat, eh?" (ps. pm or email me and I can give you TONS of more info for acne. TRUST ME, I've been there and done that!) Dawn
  11. livingmx

    cleaning/polishing plastics

    I use a Yahama protectant shine. The trick to it is after spraying it all over my bike, I let it sit for at least 1 hour before buffing it, that allows it to settle onto the plastic better. Then there's no greasiness.
  12. livingmx

    Women's boots

    This sounds kinda funny, but when my husband bought me my first bike, I learned to ride it in my snow boots. I know, I know, there's ABSOLUTELY no ankle/foot support in snow boots, but at least I was able to get a feel for the bike to see if I wanted to pursue dirt-biking. Once I was comfortable on my bike, we took the next step forward to getting me some boots along with some MX gear. It was best to learn the bike controls, and shifting in familiar shoes then with a boot that was so stiff I couldn't feel the bike shift. Anyway, because MX boots DO NOT come cheap (and you don't want to invest $100+ in a pair of boots that end up in a closet), it might be best to have her learn the bike using some nice stiff hiking boots. If she begins to really enjoy riding, and wants 'more', then look into some MX boots, or other biking boots. My personal pick is the Fox Forma Pro's. They provide plenty of foot/ankle support and allow flexibility in my ankle for shifting. Oh, yeah, they fit nice and snug around my feet. But as far as actually choosing a boot, you'll have to take her to some bike shops and have her try on the selections there and walk around in them. Everyone's feet are different, she'll know what feels best for her. -Good luck and happy riding
  13. livingmx

    Feet barely touch ground - HELP!!!

    Thank you all, for all your great advice! After reviewing all your replies, I was able to get a clearer understanding of what my options were, and which would be best for my bike. I had a guy come up from the local Suzuki shop over the weekend and he softened my existing spring, and that alone adjusted my bike down to my height and weight, he adjusted a few other things on the bike too, but the spring was what made all the difference. Now both toes touch the groud COMFORTABLY! I got to ride my bike just yesterday and now I LOVE it! No more intimidation, well, except for the weight of the bike, but now that I'm low enough to the ground to prevent it from dropping, that will be less of an issue now. Thanks again! You guys are awesome! Dawn
  14. livingmx

    Feet barely touch ground - HELP!!!

    Dude, try putting that size of platform boot between your foot peg and gear shifter....lol You'll have to modify the bike waaaayyyy more to accomodate those boots... lol
  15. Hey guys! Okay, my question is similar to my last thread in the general forum (and to all you that provided your opinions and advise, THANK YOU, it was all very helpful) but this question is in fact a bit different. Oh, and let me know if I should just re-thread this question to the General Forum, if this is not the correct forum. My husband bought me a brand new DR-Z400e (last year's model) at the beginning of this year. This is my FIRST bike (it was a surprise so I had no idea how high it was). I'm very uncomfortable on it because even with the suspension adjusted to it's lowest, my heels are about 5 inches away from the ground (with me sitting on the bike, with mx boots ON) and usually only one foot can touch the ground at a time, only my toes touch. So, my center of gravity seems to be too high. The result, if the bike starts to tip while I'm slowing down or stopping, by the time my foot can reach the ground, too much of the weight of the bike is tipped, and it falls with me on it. I understand that putting lowering links, lower seat, and smaller springs will lower it, but the question is, how many inches will all that lower the bike? ..and is all that necessary to lower it by 5 inches? And, what is a rough cost to do all that? ..and is it even possible to lower it by 5 inches? I need it at least 5 inches lower, at least till I can get some confidence on the bike. I'm 5'7" and weigh 145. Yeah, I know the DRZ is a big bike for a beginner, but I had no choice, or say in this case. ..so, I'm trying to make this one work out for me for what it's worth. (There is always the option of selling this one and getting a smaller bike, but would rather avoid the hassle of selling, if at all possible.) Your comments are greatly welcome. Thanks ~Dawn