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  1. AR15 guy

    2008 Trx400ex

    Get the 400 over the raptor. Better all around quad and its a little bigger. 400ex's are not power houses but they are very very reliable.
  2. AR15 guy

    How do you guys like your drz400's?

    I scanned over dirt rider at walmart earlier and the ktm300 won the off-road shoot out. Not only do I want reliability I want something that won't cost a ton.
  3. AR15 guy

    XR 400 vs DRZ 400

    I have no experience with the xr400 vs the drz400 but I used to own a 400ex quad and my buddies kfx400 was light years ahead of the 400ex power wise. Felt much more powerful and ran better overall.
  4. AR15 guy

    How do you guys like your drz400's?

    This will not be a on-road bike. Strictly off road. Which is why I don't feel I need e-start. However, I know I will need some radiator guards.
  5. AR15 guy

    How do you guys like your drz400's?

    I was impressed with the xr250's tractor like low end so I'm sure the drz is better than it was. I was wanting a race bike for the suspension but I think I'll just get a drz and maybe put USD forks on it and a new rear shock and call it a day.
  6. AR15 guy

    How do you guys like your drz400's?

    I am not to worried about the weight. I am 5' 10'' and 180 and very very strong. However, I would like to eliminate the battery and starter crap. Would probably knock 20lbs off. Its an off-road bike it needs a kick-starter.
  7. AR15 guy

    inverted forks

    So all I would need to change a 07 drz400e over to USD forks is a 21.5mm offset tag matrix clamp and a set of 99-00 RM forks?
  8. AR15 guy

    How do you guys like your drz400's?

    See I don't need a race bike either but I would like to be able to take some half way decent jumps. But a reliable trail bike is really what I need/want. I had a xr250r and it did great on trails but lacked the umphh I wanted. It was cheap tho. I would like to take the battery and starter off the drz and install a kick-start. That should lighten it up a few pounds.
  9. I am looking for a bike that will be used mainly for trails. I was wanting a cfr250x but I really don't want to mess around with valve adjustments all the time. I know the drz400 is bullet proof and should have the same power as the crf250x but I'm sure its a little heavier and the suspension is not as good. Heres another question. Is there any USD or whatever (rmz, rm style forks) that can be installed on the drz400 fairly easy?
  10. I wear around 180lbs. Would the 125 be alright? It will be a bike used on trails almost exclusively with the occasional trip to the track. I was wondering if a flywheel weight would help its trail manners some? I have never gotten a chance to ride a 2 stroke so I have no idea what to expect.
  11. AR15 guy

    KLX questions

    How is the valve train maintenance on the klx?
  12. AR15 guy

    KLX questions

    What is the top speed with the stock gearing? I ask because I think I may get a klx450r very soon to make a dirt/supermoto bike out of. I will probably dual sport it and get some supermoto wheels. If 1st is very very low I could gear it up no worries. I ride a xr250r in dirt right now and rarely use first even in the slow tight stuff. One reason I want to DS it is because I have no truck and my riding spots aren't that far away.
  13. AR15 guy

    Which jets do I need?

    Wow I need to rejet bad. I let my brother ride my bike earlier to get the feel of riding a motorcycle. It was popping sometimes and shooting flames. Not good.
  14. AR15 guy

    Handle bars not straight...how to fix?

    The stock bars seemed to have taken the impact fine. They are not bent but I do want some new ones soon anyways. I guess at least one person on here knows how expensive AR15's can be. Is that why you recommended the new bars lol? I have 2 full rifles right now. mega lower, rra lower parts kit, RRA 16'' car flat top upper, midwest industries quad rail handguard, surefire, knights front grip, RRA carry handle, RRA 6 position, uh....probably missing something. Other is a straight RRA a2 20'' with a mega lower. I have a double star lower receiver sitting here that needs to be built. I want a SPR. I am only 23 also. I have to many toys already...z28, k7 gsxr 600, xr250r, guns everywhere...next is a drz400sm or something. Plus more guns of course. Before anyone calls hillbilly...for the most part no. But I must have a little WV in me. I like guns and speed to much.
  15. Well I looped a 2nd gear wheelie the other day and the bike went down pretty hard. How the bars are ever so slightly not straight. Do I loosen the triple clamp were it holds the forks and tweak it or is it just gonna be bent forever.