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    Lifan (china) 200cc engine thread used on dual-sports

    If these truly are Honda clones then here is a link with more information than You could ever use. http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~elvpc/bikes.html?http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~elvpc/papers/XR200.html Good Luck
  2. Hey Eric Are you still posting. There was a comment about range. I have a chinese clone of a CB/CG 125 with the 200cc clone engine in it. Got it for the gas mileage when gas was over $3.00 a gallon. I estimate around 70+ miles per gallon. Even with the small tank on this bike it can clear 150 mi. before reserve. Anyway, what have you guys been getting for range, and what is the capacity. BTW I know how horrible the odometers are on these bikes. I used a standard route to work to compute.