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  1. keep in touch, I hope the back is better. Sounds like maybe we've got a few stories to swap.
  2. We hooked up with the bergman for a bit. Seems his back was out and he was in lot of pain. He went back to the truck after showing us 28. I'm sure he was thinking he'd be bored with a couple of slugs. It wasn't to bad at the elkins staging area. We did see the freight train of 18 riders. I have to wonder how they all stayed together? Otherwise, it was a great day!
  3. Bob, looked for you at staging area. Sorry we missed you. Saw you out on 26 going the other way, you were in kind of a hurry.Maybe next time.
  4. we will probably be closer to 9:30 to 10:00, long story= late start
  5. Bob, Myself and a couple of friends will be at elkins on sat am. I can't vouch for one of them as I haven't ridden with him before. Staging at elkins between 8:30 and 9:00
  6. go with the lighter oil and change it often
  7. California

    I'll be there 9:00 am. at the Elkins staging area, I'm driving a dodge dakota and riding a ktm 200.
  8. we have to support these guy's and vote the puke's out!
  9. It's about giving the greenies ammo to use against all of us.check out the numerous threads on the subject.It's not a good idea to broadcast illegal spots. You don't know who's watching our site.
  10. I wouldn't advertise that:doh:
  11. elkins is closed for the winter and I'd really like to know what's legal to ride around west point.thanks
  12. That would be me. 2006 xc 200 with the wide ratio gear box. I switched to the wide ratio, still checking it out. I live in the east bay as well. I'm sure we could work something out.
  13. California

    hey bob, you are right. I'm gonna buy a kayak and tour my favorite lake. When that's all that's left I'm gonna audition for prius ad's and learn how to use the internet
  14. California

    How can that be? I see more jacked up 4 wheel trucks with 250/450f's riding around in castro valley. Btw, my son is due to ship to afganastan soon and my daughter is attending college on the east coast, they got over their oppression and did something.I live in San Leandro now and met lots of good riders thru my son. I always enjoy running into these kids up in the mountains,carnegie, etc.Now if some of these kids would try a ktm 2-stroke, hmmm,Where you live is as good as you make it. pm me if you would like to ride some time