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  1. Go-Big-Or-Go-Home

    typical quad riders

    Aw c'mon. The bike guys do it too! I seen a KX strapped to the top of a Chevette one time. They tied it down with rope that ran from the bike, over the side, under the car, up the other side, and back to the bike. They had a couple wraps for safety of course!
  2. Go-Big-Or-Go-Home

    CRF450R Oil Consumption

    My bike has probably close to 7 hours on it already. How many of you guys would tear it down and re-hone? Or should I just forget about it and go ride?
  3. Go-Big-Or-Go-Home

    CRF450R Oil Consumption

    Thanks for your input. It is appreciated. If the cylinder was re-honed, assembled with new rings, and broken in right, how much consumption could be expected? Will time and some good hard riding seat the rings that I'm running any better than they are now? Thanks again.
  4. Go-Big-Or-Go-Home

    CRF450R Oil Consumption

    Hi guys! I'm new on this forum, but so far it looks like the best! I'll start off with a question. I bought a brand new CRF450R and have 3 rides on it so far (in the Canadian BC woods where there isn't snow right now!), and I love it! Best thing I have ever ridden! After the bike idles for a short time (warm up, or even a period of 15 seconds or so once the bike is up to temp), I get a puff of blue when I razz the throttle. I know a small amount of oil consumption is normal, but should you see it burn? After a ride, it doesn't seem to use a noticeable amount of oil, so is this abnormal? What are your experiences with consumption? Thanks for your input on probably a simple matter.