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    04 DRZ400S Jetting Question

    Thanks Eddie. I took the top end of the carb apart. There was gas on top of the diaphram. The assembly looked okay, but obviously I'd screwed something up. I reassembled everything and now it runs great. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. SubMann
  2. SubMann

    04 DRZ400S Jetting Question

    I had hoped not to join the list of people consuming Eddie's valuable time. Unfortunately I now have a question. 3x3 mod (exactly) 142.5 main jet (stock) dj needle 4th clip dj slide spring 25 pilot jet 2.5-3 turns fuel screw. (extended) altitude 0 - 1500' On my test ride I had no acceleration at higher RPMs. The last 1/3 or 1/4 throttle only makes more intake noise. I tried taking the airbox cover off and it was no better. This made me think I need a bigger jet. Of course the Moose jet kit did not have any of the proper jets. Throttle response is smooth and has a bit more power until the point I think the main jet should be in use. Thanks
  3. SubMann

    How not to "back it in"

    ha ha, that's my daily commute. I don't follow those lines though! Here is the whole video on Google http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=229090773045757210&q=dallas+supermoto
  4. SubMann

    Stock SM Wheels

    PM sent
  5. SubMann

    Stock SM Wheels

    I'll take them for a fair price. Let me know!
  6. I'm thinking of heading there at the end of September for about 5 - 6 days of riding once we arrive. Good scenery, medium singletrack and interesting dirt/gravel roads is what we are looking for, although I tend to have quite a bit of fun on tight twisty asphalt as well. Great web site, thanks!
  7. There is a small group of us looking to come down to Utah at the end of September for 5 or 6 days of dual-sport riding. We’re from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We were thinking of setting up a base camp in Moab, but are open to suggestion of other places to set up, or perhaps move to a different area part way though the week. We’ll have at least a truck and camper with a tent or two. Bikes will be street legal DRZ 400, DR 650 and/or KLR 650. We have years of asphalt experience and ride at about the intermediate level off road (of course some are much better). We have topo GPS maps as well. The last trip we did was to Death Valley in the spring. That was a great trip. If you are interested we wrote it up here: http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/forum11/1827.html So to sum up, does anyone have any recommendations of areas to ride, trails to ride, must see spots? Places to avoid? Books or maps to buy? Thanks a lot for your help. We know local recommendations make a huge difference, instead of trying to find the nice rides from only a map.