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  1. yfZsE

    KLX 140 is tooooo slow

    i dont see how a full grown adult would expect these bikes to be even minutley fast
  2. yfZsE

    KLX 140 frame recall

    my 140L is a A00135 thank goodness, but does that mean mines the 135th off the line? just curious
  3. yfZsE

    kx125 and kx250/f horsepower

    are the gp 125s twins? is 55 a crank number? id have to say yes to both. 250s do make mid 50s...at the crank. the guy got that number from a service manual i bet
  4. yfZsE

    kx125 and kx250/f horsepower

    are thegp 125s twins? is 55 a crank number? id have to say yes to both
  5. yfZsE

    2005 kx250

    ur nme should be "hi im negative" i ride both quads and bikes, hope thats ok with u. u dont have to ride one or the other. i have an 05 kx and i love it. stick to 05-07
  6. yfZsE

    2004 cr85 jetting

  7. yfZsE

    Is James Stewart gonna run Outdoors?

    id rather stewart outdoors. i wanna see if villopoto can hang after a few races. i say yes
  8. im a reed fan (but more of a villopoto fan) and i have to say if he hasent had it in him to beat stewart the last 4 years, then he most likely never will. they even switched brands and stewarts beating him on his old bike! hopefully villopoto steps up and by next year has it to run with stewart
  9. yfZsE

    2009 Yz250

    how old is the german shepherd? whats he weigh? i have a 50 some pound 4 and a half month old boy. nice bike by the way
  10. yfZsE

    2004 cr85 jetting

    if somebody can tell me the stock jetting specs id appreciate it, thanks
  11. yfZsE

    BAR TO BAR 2006 download?

    im thinking maybe the site is booked with members?
  12. anybody have a download? i know i know "just buy it" but i wanna see it now! plus with todays economy itd be nice to get it free...
  13. does anybody have a downloadable copy? thanks
  14. id really appreciate it if someone can PM me with info on how to get one that covers a 2004 cr85. thanks
  15. yfZsE

    oh my gawd... 685 two stroke

    welcome to 2002.... these bikes have been around for years