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  1. slugbugg

    Another reason not to tresspass.

    Thats why I've always tried to stay off the private property, you just never know what kind of a nutjob lives there. Running into/over kids with a truck is way WAY overboard. I have strayed off course a few times and found myself on private land and I even have been asked to leave before. Which I do without roosting the people or cussing them out or fingering them, I just apologize and leave promtly.Respecting them, their property and their wish for me not to ride on their property.(<I didnt understand this as well when I was a kid) I would expect no less if I found someone on my property. That may sound strange to a few people but I go out to NOT to tick people off.
  2. slugbugg

    China "Wanna-be-a-Honda" Bike Bought

    I'm excited about getting mine, they are in town at the shipping center. LOL I hate to say this but......... me and the wife drove down to the shipping yard this morning and actually saw the trailer that the bikes came in sitting at the dock, we laughed, we both felt like kids peeking at the christmas tree for our presents. we're planning on a fun day up north easter weekend with the new toys.
  3. slugbugg

    New Holly Track Thread

    Building a track can be done very fast I've seen it done a few times. I worked at the DOME and they can build a pro supercross track in no time with the right track builders there.They'd have one build in less than a week at the DOME and thats with having to haul the dirt in.
  4. slugbugg

    Crackdown in CT

    Well here in michigan, the best way to avoid the LAW is to have a street legal bike. Insurance,plate and an ORV sticker will just about get you any place with minimal hassle. It still sucks that I have to drive/trailer 2 hours on the expressway just to get to the trails. I think most of the states are about the same in that they are happy to see us..........with our money in hand for them but once they have that they couldnt care less about us. Looking at the AMA's "Connecticut State Off-Road Motorcycle Laws" it seems that you guys have it much easier than here in Michigan in some ways, but looking at the bottom of the list I see a disturbing "trails program-NOT AVAILABLE"
  5. slugbugg

    China "Wanna-be-a-Honda" Bike Bought

    So whats the deal with the bracket on the front fork that holds the brake line. Is it also there to maybe hold a plastic cover for the front disc. It just seems to be to big to hold a little hydraulic line. I have 2 lifan's coming and the pics show the same bracket but I cant see why it needs to be that long other than to hold a cover.
  6. slugbugg

    Question for the chinese crate bike buyers

    I thought about making a stand out of it or something, I'll put it to some sort of use. maybe make it into wheels chocks for the bikes to be secured on my trailer.
  7. slugbugg

    Crackdown in CT

    Well I should be thankful for the trails I have here in michigan after reading through all this. My wife and I are getting back into riding a little bit. We are getting a couple of the cheap chinese bikes to get us through the woods.From what I have seen in michigan you need a motorcycle to have any real fun and a street legal dual-sport (insurance-plate-orv sticker) will get you just about anywhere around here with little hassle, UNLESS you are on private property or off the marked trail. I dont know if your trail system is anything like ours but they have it broke down into different groups here(ORV trail-ORV route-cross county cycle trail-scramble).Our cross country cycle trail is huge(3100 miles so they say-I want to see for myself).last summer when offroading a little in my tracker "LOL" we drove through little towns that had ORV's everywhere and the DNR was there but not hassling people all that much at the time just monitoring. After riding a bit this summer I think I'll have a much different view of our trail system and like EVERYONE who rides I will also need to take a more positive active role in preserving/expanding the trail system.
  8. I was just wondering what, if anything, people have done with the steel crate that the chinese bikes get shipped in.
  9. slugbugg

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I did indeed order two of the lifan LF200GY-5's from EVO and so far Rony there at EVO has been excellent. I wired the payment to him wednesday at noon and early wednesday evening he had them enroute to me (emailed me the tracking info) according to the trucking company they will be here monday (4/10/06) dropped off in my driveway with liftgate service. If all goes well I will have these up north on the weekend of 4/15-16/06 and them and even though I wont have the paperwork yet I can atleast run them offroad a little. Rony told me the paperwork will follow about a week behind the bikes. It all sounds good to me so far.
  10. Yeah I'll post the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY as it develops. I expect few problems as long as the paperwork is in order. As long as I have proper proof of ownership and valid insurance it should go well michigan isn't really that difficult to deal with. My wife is going to call our insurance company in a few and ask about insuring them, and what they offer if anything.
  11. I'm 5'/10" and my wife is about 5'/8-9" she wont have to many problems since she could kick start (kick start only) and and ride our 91 suzuki dr650s that we had several years back(big beast of a bike-I loved the torque in that thing). She also used to ride an old yamaha 250 enduro and I suspect she'll like this new bike much more than either of those others we had, mainly because she will be getting one that is her very own. I may find the 200cc a bit to small for horsepower wise but I mainly miss trail riding and I feel the lf200gy-5's will be fine for us. We dont ride real hard (were in our early 40's) we just like puting through the trails checking out the scenery. I still havent checked into the cost of insurance but will once they show up which is looking like monday or tuesday next week.
  12. Mine are on the way to me, I ordered two LIFAN LF200GY-5's one for me and one for the wife .We are very excited and are looking forward to a summer of riding and boating/fishing.
  13. I'll do a bit more searching and place an order very soon. I like the LF200GY-5 because it has the rear disc brake but NOT the inverted front forks.The head light looks cool IMO. back in 91 we bought a new suzuki ds650s and it was a fun bike but the forks did start to leak and it was repaired under warranty but they eventually started to leak.Anyway I wanted the non inverted forks on these because if they start to leak it shouldnt leak out completely, yeah I know its a minor piddlely thing but that is it for the forks preference. The 650 was a torque beast (I loved that bike) it was kick start only and the starting procedure was like going through a shuttle launch lol.I had it up to 95mph and it had just a little more in it. We now pretty much just want simple affordable dual-sports and this thread and others has eased some of our concerns. Have you guys thought down the road like 5 years or so and wondered who if anyone will be around repairing these.I see these as only getting better and better unless the government blocks the sale of them for some reason.
  14. I have enjoyed reading this thread and I have been looking at these bikes from china for a while now. I'm wondering where to get the best price and prompt service. I want to get one for me and one for the wife, we are both very excited but there is such a spread on pricing and bikes(features) that it is a bit frustrating . I would like 2 bikes with front/rear disc brakes, tires sized front-21/back 18(I've seen the littler bikes on the net) non-inverted front forks. Now I've seen what I'm looking for but I'm sure others have seen them for better prices than I have seen. The best I have found is 2 for about $2800 shipped.my best find so far