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  1. XR_mad

    CRF 230, Now What?

    well for one a 200exc is going to be alot lighter has much better suspension more power and too many advantages to list. Have you riden a 250 2 stroke before? they can be a real handful, but that all comes down to how you treat the bike
  2. XR_mad

    EXC200 vs CRF250X/WR250

    Why would they use the 250 frame... its a 125 with a 200 head on it. I love my 200 plus dollar for dollar its better value than a 250x stock
  3. XR_mad

    XR650R vs SXC625?

    my xr-r with 14-48 gearing gets about 120km's before i hit reserve, thats going easy on it though, and i actually noticed an improvement in economy after i had all the work done to it (it was properly tuned by my local dealer, and the mechanic is one of the most well known in western sydney)
  4. XR_mad

    Boots- What do you wear?

    alpinestar tech 8's, saved my mates toes from getting lopped off by an oncoming bikes footpeg, also they are prettymuch sound when it comes to water, sticks rocks etc
  5. XR_mad

    Staintune exhaust for xr600r?

    yeah they do, ballards usually have some in stock, they ship internationally too http://ballards.cc/index.php?module=Website&action=ProductDetails&content=324
  6. XR_mad

    XR650R vs. WR450F

    the manifold between the carby and airbox on a corked 650R is half the size it should be, the jets are smaller than what comes in a xr250, the stock 650r should be on life support its that choked up
  7. problem is on long trips i dont wanna have to stop to refill, plus over here you can only fill approved containers so then i would have to take a jerry can to the servo to fill them
  8. XR_mad

    BAD Crash

    helmets save lifes remember that everyone, i can get pictures of gouges in the helmet from a barb wire fence that my friend crashed into, always wear them
  9. just wondering if anyone has tried the tank that goes on the rear fender and if it gets in the way etc thanks
  10. XR_mad

    little help here... starting the dam bike

    my piggy is easy to start cold mornings i have to use full choke, but it will only fire for a second or 2, then it starts fine with no choke, once you get the procedure down it will save for embarrasment as you try to start it infront of people
  11. XR_mad

    '08 Xr 650?

    the XR400 is back over here, as a motard version, maybe this could be the fate in store for the 650R?
  12. XR_mad

    150R v.s. Modded 125

    its all about riding to your ability, i went from a z50 to an xr80 to a cr80 then straight onto the xr650r, no stacks so far, just take it easy till you get confident
  13. XR_mad

    Pictures: Building an XR650R for Mexico.

    should have a look at the acerbis sahara tank kit, 24l tank and a 14 underseat tank the way the 650r drinks its well worth it
  14. XR_mad

    ALWAYS check your oil!!

    exactly why i like to do my own maintanence
  15. XR_mad

    in all honesty, how long to valves last...

    yeah pre used mx bikes can pretty much mean pre flogged mx bikes