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  1. loopey

    09 stator output

    Thanks Blindside, trailtech have 70 watt stators for $130.00 new. Not sure if thats the way i want to go though.
  2. loopey

    09 stator output

    Thanks guys! I thought that would be the case.
  3. loopey

    09 stator output

    Can anybody tell me the output of my stock stator? I want to run a headlight and tail light of the stock unit if possible. Thanks.
  4. loopey

    07 300 water in gearbox ?

    Thanks guys i'll check out the gearbox breather, hopefully that fixes the problem.
  5. loopey

    new to me 2000 300 EXC

    13-50 is as low as i would go, good for over 130kmh but still great on tight technical goat track. they will pull 14-50 easy enough if you want a greater top speed.
  6. loopey

    07 300 water in gearbox ?

    IT's not coming from the cooling system. It's definately water! not the usual residue from aluminium clutch discs, and mikes suggestion below about the overflows, they are in no way connected to the gearbox, it's a two stroke not four. it's impossible for the carby to contaminate the gearbox. thanks guys.
  7. loopey

    07 300 water in gearbox ?

    Hi fellow two strokers! My last two oil changes the oil has come out a light grey, indicating that there is water / moisture in my oil. how does it get in there? is it condensation? The last two changes where four riding hours apart and one week, these things are supposed to go 20 hours between oil changes, Your help appreciated.
  8. loopey

    2007 KTM 300 XC exhaust upgrades

    Riding yesterday, half single track, half open tracks hit reserve at 97ks, ran out at 115ks, it was a long push home. 07 300 exc.
  9. loopey

    06 TE 510 Kick Stand too far Forward

    It is common for the stand bracket to bend, especially when the two mounting bolts work loose. Purchase a new bracket and your problem will be solved.
  10. loopey

    Notchy Gear Box.

    Sounds like the o-ring in your clutch slave cylinder has gone hard "common problem" replace the nitrile o-ring available at any bearing shop and refill system with dextron three transmission fluid. Worked for me.
  11. loopey

    Big End Question

    Yes husky are covering it, lucky i had not gone over 4000ks, they had no explanation for the damage.
  12. loopey

    Big End Question

    Had my cases split, the big end was almost ready to let go, lucky i caught it in time. I would of expected it to last longer than it has.
  13. The headers always glow, you just don't notice it til it's dark, doesn't mean its overheating. check seal on intake manifold.
  14. loopey

    rear cam chain tensioner

    Yes the tensioner needs to be removed,along with the rocker cover, camshaft ,camchain sprocket, head and barrel. It is a simple process if you have a workshop manual. Make sure you torque all those bolts properly,good luck.
  15. loopey

    Grease Nipples on Swingarm?

    :The swingarm bolt must be removed atleast once a year or it will corrode and seize where it passes through the rear of the engine, if left in too long it will have to be pressed out, sometimes unsuccessfully, destroying bolt and swingarm. It would be counterproductive to fit grease nipples.