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  1. My WRF had a warped first clutch plate changed it all good now
  2. Mate change your matal plates. Spoke to my dealer he told me to do this on my 07 i did works atreat now. The first plate engine side(the odd one out) was warped like a banana.
  3. Hi mate try www.dirtbikeworld.net There are plenty of rides posted on there up your way. I am from Sydney may catch up one day for a spin
  4. All fixed installed the new plates and it works like a dream again.
  5. Well i went to a mates shop today to check the metal plates on his piece of glass and one of the plates is totaly shagged. It is warped like a nanna. Bought a new set of plates will throw them in this arvo and see how it goes. It was the odd plate out that is warped
  6. Thanks for the replies I have not changed anything in the clutch. My last 250f done 8500klms and the clutch didn't need a thing in that time. I have had a good look over all the plates ect and all looks fine It is kilometres not hours. I wash i had the time to do that many hours on the bike Might go get some stiffer springs i did read YZ are stiffer willl try that see how i go
  7. Yes i did a search but wanted to ask a few mor equestions My bike has done 1600+k's now and just recently is has started to grab and not dissengage properly whne i pull up. I have Been using Belray thumper oil all its life and have not notice this until now. I do give the clutch a hard time (i am sure we all do riding lots of single line). What i do notice but is if i bring the revs up on the bike the drag stops and i cvan select nuetral now worries. If i let it idle back down the bike feels like it wants to take off again. Have measured springs they are within spec as per manual as are the clutch plates. Some have suggested warped metal plates ???? ANy ideas or do i just go and add springs drill out basket ect ect ect as suggested in most other threads like this one.
  8. been using my sg10's for over 2 years now done over 6000ks with them and they are still as good as new. As said above there was no breakin required they fitted me perfect from day 1. Never had a more comfy boot
  9. Ah well atleast it is sorted. Places like BTO, Monkeybut, Parts unlimited get stuff to your door in 4 to 10 days.
  10. I wish i had read more of their feedback before i purchased the cams. Seems international people have lots of dramas with them.
  11. Well over 2 months now and no cams **** Yamaha Of Troy I ended up starting a dispute with PAYPAL and won it yesterday. Thank god for Paypal
  12. Love your work Might have a play see if i can get it a bit closer to the slide when it opens. You say "The duration is meaningless. Adjust your leak jet to get the shortest squirt that also eliminates any low-end bog when the throttle is cranked when you're riding it" I thought the duration of the spray was also very important. ?????
  13. Check this one out bit better but it is pretty big (17meg) http://media.putfile.com/P1010982
  14. I have recorded my ap squirt what do you think Click here to watch Video000-44-29 Click here to watch Video001-71
  15. Lads Will this factory 4.1 fit my powerbomb header i am guessing so. I have an 07 WR250F running yz muffler and powerbomb header was thinking about changing to an fmf muffler as well.