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  1. SOSSW

    03 Drz 125 CARB overflow? plz help

    Sorry I misread the question. I agree with BShafer and also make sure the floats don't have any holes or leaks.
  2. SOSSW

    03 Drz 125 CARB overflow? plz help

    I had the same problem with my daughter's 04. I put a rebuild kit in the fuel petcock and that solved the problem.
  3. *****UPDATE***** I purchased K & L Fuel Petcock Repair Kit 1388140001 from Rocky Mountain. The description is for 2002 KLX110 as well as others but it fit perfectly on my daughter's DRZ-125L. No more leaking by.
  4. Thanks for the reply Woods_Rider. I noticed on Rocky Mountain's website that the repair kit part number 1388140001covers a lot of makes and models but doesn't specifically say the DRZ-125L but I think that is the same kit needed. I am going to purchase one and give it a try. Thanks again for your input. - Bob
  5. Hello All, My daughter rides a 2004 DRZ-125L and the gasket inside the petcock is allowing fuel to pass by. I have searched this forum and other sites and have not found a repair kit or replacement gasket for this machine. Do any of you know of a repair kit for this machine? How about a kit for a different machine that might work here also as I'm sure the same valve is used for different machines? Bob
  6. A few older ones in the stable.