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  1. bob426

    2000 YZ 426F Need Help!!

    I had my suspension done by a local shop- told them to make it a cadillac, and they did. Stock suspension (especially on a 426) is not very forgiving. A pro can re-valve, change oil weight, and "tune" the suspension for a specific rider, and it makes a huge difference.
  2. bob426

    Best spray-on bed liner?

    I have Rhino, been there for three years now, with no probs. I think an important point not brought up is the difference between rhino and line-x. Line-x will basically be rock hard. Rhino is somewhat rubbery- grips stuff better, and will not scratch anything that comes into contact with it. Both liners (from my experiences) will fade in the sun. I have used the rhino DIY recoat (basically a dye) and it restored my rhino to like new. If installed correctly, I don't think you can go wring with either one- just a matter of preference. I used to carry around a bunch of equipment, and line-x would have scratched the hell out of the frames when vibrating.. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Hairspray works great.. Until it gets wet
  4. bob426

    Steering Dampner for a 426

    I have the Scotts on my 426 along with the Scotts triple clamp and mounting bracket. The nice thing is the adjustability. I ride desert, trails, and track and can adjust it by a quick turning of the knob for different riding. There is no "return to center" as in the bars being "pulled" back to any given position. It simply dampens any forces by making fluid pass through valves, and thus it eats up harsh hits, head shake etc.. Its the only stabilizer on the market with low speed, high speed, and sweep adjustments..
  5. bob426

    YZ426F vs. 250-2stroke

    I am 5'11" and weigh bout 185 as well. I rode 2 strokes as a kid, but I now have an 02 426. I couldn't be happier. I ride track a couple times a week, and ride desert/trails all winter. Great all round bike, and yes- its bulletproof. Never had any starting issues either. I ride with a group that has 5 of these bikes, and everyone that owns one loves it. No problems. Thats my 2 cents:thumbsup:
  6. Whattup B-gizzle.. Man O man I feel your pain Anyway, no info yet.. workin on it though. I would post this in a new thread, and also search the forums for similar problems. Hope to get you back out there asap:ride:
  7. bob426

    After market kickstand

    I have the pro moto billet ( promotobillet.com ) Not the cheapest, but very high quality. It rests way back up along the frame support, completely out of the way. Has a very powerful spring that prevents it from coming down while riding
  8. bob426

    2000 YZ426 will not run properly

    Had very similar probs. Make sure to get ALL old gas out of tank/ carb. Sounds like you could have a clog in your carb too. I would pull it apart yourself. Get the Clymer or Yami manual, and follow instructions/ pics. Make sure all jets etc are clear, spraying everything with carb cleaner as you go. Check your float valve and float itself for proper operation (all explained in the manual, and not difficult if you are at all mechanically inclined) also, check that your choke valves are working properly. I actually had someone put mine on backwards, and thus the hot start was the reg choke, and vice versa. Run down the checklist of the fuel system, and you should find your problem. Good luck!
  9. As mentioned above, the 426 is a great bike. Bullet-proof. I own an '02 426 and the only maintanence I have had done was a valve adj. Pay a service shop to run through the bike before you buy it, if you get one with lower hours, and properly maintained, you won't need to mess with any of the things you listed. I ride with a large group of 426 owners, and we RARELY have any issues with these bikes! Good luck!
  10. bob426

    Bomb Start

    These bikes are bullet-proof. Run through some standard check-ups and you should be on your way: Is your fuel fresh? Old fuel can make for some tough starting. Is your carb clean, and adjusted properly? (when you do finally get it running, is it smooth at idle, and through the rpm range? If not think of performing a clean and or rebuild.) Do you have good compression? You should easily be able to find TDC, the point where you motion the kick until is stops, If you cannot find this point, you are losing compression, you may need a valve adjustment, or rings etc. Are you getting spark, and is your plug new, or not fouled? Have you checked oil level? That's all I got off the top of my head. Check these things, get the starting process down, use your choke, and you should be good to go.
  11. bob426

    01 yz426 maintaince tips

    I hear a lot of guys on here doing there own valve checks/adjustments. Without the proper tools and know-how I would be weary. I just took it in to have it done. Cost about $225.
  12. Yeah, I weigh 205, and it takes all my weight and then some jumping down force to kick it through without releasing compression! I got paranoid that these guys did not do the adjustment correctly, and that I was still losing compression. I guess with a four year old bike, that just happens. I 'm sure my rings are not forming as tight a "seal"(for lack of a better word- I realize they don't actually seal anyway) as they used to either. Thanks for all the input!
  13. Yes, I was able to kick past TDC very easily before, now it is significantly difficult to do so. Just didn't know if it should be impossible to do or not.
  14. I just paid an arm and a leg to have my valves adjusted. Is it normal to be able to kick past top dead center (without pulling compression release lever)??? Granted it is taking a lot of effort to do this, but should it even be possible? Any help greatly appreciated. (02 YZ426)
  15. So I realize this shouldn't be complicated but nevertheless- My 02 YZ426 will only start without the choke on. If I pull the choke it stalls the bike. So am I running way too rich, in which case what should I adjust. Or can I just leave this as is? thanks for your help