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    What does everyone ride?

    I have not been riding in 6 years but we just moved back to the NW from Texas and we'll be heading back out again soon. (We also just picked a toy hauler... I can't wait to haul our bikes in it.) I'm a small woman... only 5 feet (in the morning after a good night's sleep) and started out on an old xr200... that bike secretly hated me... so after much swearing we went out and bought a xr100 that I love... it's so easy to ride... and start. I may be a little slower but I'm not fighting the bike the whole way. We mostly rode trails... I like keeping my wheels on the ground for the majority of the time. I did get a chance to ride my husband's old xr250 at the dunes in Moses Lake... We don't have that bike anymore but I'd do that again if given the chance. A girl I worked with invited us to go dirt bike camping with her and some friends. We didn't have any bikes (yet) but they were nice enough to show us the ropes and a simple trail. We were hooked on it for 5 or 6 seasons until we had the misfortune of moving too far away from the gorgeousness of the NW and our friends. Peso Moscow, ID