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  1. slugblaster45

    Valve Adjustment

    Thanks man.
  2. slugblaster45

    Valve Adjustment

    I'm checking my valves to see if they need adjustment tomorrow and it seems that I'm missing a chunk out of page 57-58 of my manual .Does anyone have a picture of those pages they post for me. Thanks. 05 crf450r
  3. slugblaster45

    Leaky forks

    I have pro x on one fork and pivot works on the other .I wrapped a tie dowm around the bars to the forks without the wheel on for a hour no leaks. I'll go out this weekend and give it the dirt test
  4. slugblaster45

    Leaky forks

    I use one of those fork savers so its not compressed much at tie down seals are correct I grease them slip over a baggie to clear the bushing I figure a knick in the outer tube where it ties down and sanded with fine emery cloth I have one extra seal so i'm going to change it again. if no luck I;m throwing in the towel and taking them to ESP
  5. slugblaster45

    Leaky forks

    Replaced the bushings o rings and oil seals with a pivot works kit on my 05 crf450r and the left fork lesaks a lot during transport but not much during riding also the right fork a little during riding This the second time I replaced the seals in the last 4 rides . Don't know what i'm doing wrong. I cleaned the hell out of every part.
  6. slugblaster45

    fork spring stuck

    Found some other posts all say its the bolt that dents the tube.
  7. slugblaster45

    fork spring stuck

    Took apart the forks on my05 crf450r and the spring is stuck in the tube. cant see why it would be stuck but it wont come out. any suggestions
  8. slugblaster45

    Seat Replacement

    Thanks for the great info. I think I'll get the Guts Racing foam
  9. slugblaster45

    Seat Replacement

    Seat Concepts does not have seats for the 450r only the x
  10. slugblaster45

    Seat Replacement

    Looking for a soft cushon seat for my 05 450r. All the reviews for sdg complain of rock hard seat, Ineed some comfort for skinny old ass. any suggestions?
  11. slugblaster45

    Idaho Idaho trails

    My son moved to Sagle Idaho in November I'm hoping to be up ther in the late spring. He didn't much of a chance to find any riding areas before the winter hit. Any suggestions where to ride.
  12. slugblaster45

    Bleeder valves spit fluid and air constantly!

    anybody? I have the same problem
  13. slugblaster45

    KX Forks

    Thanks Brewster. I seem to remember seeing a cross reference chart somewhere on one of these sites showing the different models with interchangeable parts but can't find it
  14. slugblaster45

    KX Forks

    Will 1996 kx500 forks fit on a 2001 klx300r
  15. slugblaster45

    Where is FSW

    Why is Four Stroke Works website gone What happened to Jerry?