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    What's the farthest you've driven your DRZ...

    Idid 650 miles a couple of summers ago in 1 day.The trip to mena Arkansas from Dallas and back and forth on the skyway and the trip home was excrutiating between the butt burn and 1oo plus heat.The bike was WFO for several hours and never missed a tick.Ihave a neat fairing that really helped.Isaw106 a lot[both] and 50 mpg. MYBUDDY ON A VALKYRIE WASNT IN MUCH BETTER SHAPE THAN I WAS .HIS STOCK SEAT WAS NOT TOO GOOD EITHER.2002, BLUE,YOSHIMURA CAMS,wHITE bROS EXHAUST,3X3 AIRBOX AND CORBIN SEAT [NOW]