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    new here and have questions

    I live in kansas city. some how I keep coming up with great deal on bikes. last year I came across a 95 kx250 arena cross bike raced by Ben decker also it was it had the FMF factory race motor in it,IMS pegs,full FMF shorty race pipe,new tires ,Powder coated from, pro action suspension, you name it it had it. This bike was wicked fast ,I bought it for 500 bucks and sold it on ebay for 2 grand. I wish I kept the bike but could ride it in the woods , it would not idle for nothing, but but when givin gas It was gone. I look forward to this bike ,I miss riding something since I sold my yfz450 quad
  2. racedraper

    new here and have questions

    my question is this, I know a guy who has a 95 yz250 for sale for only 600 bucks. all it needs is a new piston and a peice of plastic. now is there a differnce in models that year, He told my friend its a yzf250 so is it 2 or 4 stroke? anyway im pretty sure im going to get it just for somthin to ride