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  1. Can anybody point me in the right direction of a good thread to talk me through a way to achive a good solid setup.
  2. Couldnt go had a knucle head at work fell a tree on another guy had to deal with insurance and other bs all weekend.
  3. Yeah its the snow shoe race. For jetting im set up for out east on a 06 yz450 any sugestions on jetting? And what is a good tire pressure for there.
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Been running scrambles out east Tn,Ky,Fl for a few years but will be running a endro out in grand junction Co. Any tips from you desert/mountain guys would be great. Thanks
  6. 2006 yz 450. The case doesnt have to be split to replace this seal like on the 2 strokes does it?
  7. In a few weeks ill be racing between 6,000 and 8500 ft. 2006 yz450 stock jetting. Any input would be great or better if some one can send me a link to a jetting chart.
  8. where is a good place to find a 144 kit
  9. my wifes yz 125 has little power latly and after sitting in the garage for more than a week there is a nice puddle of oil on the ground. Is the power problem from a bad seal?
  10. Flywheel weight and hot cams auto decomp cam it will be like kicking over a 2 stroke
  11. Just Put A Mh3 On The Back And It Is Alot Bigger Than The D Lob 7 Seires That Was On It. And NOW It Is A Dog Off The Line .. So Do I Need To Add Teeth In The Rear And Drop In The Front. Or Is It Add In The Front And Drop In The Rear.
  12. about 3000 bones is what is going to happen
  13. The bike wont run with the decompo leaver in. By pulling in the decomp leaver its holding open one of the exhuast vavles and the reason its backing firing is because your holding open the exhaust valve when the bike is firing hold the decopression lever until your past the hard spot (TDC) and let go bring the kickstarter up 2-3 clicks and give a good kick all the way through the stroke DO NOT GIVE IT GAS if you have a problem with this place your hand on the master clyinder and if it doesnt start try again
  14. coal creek is a good weekend trip also LBL there are several tracks and there are some good spots in Ky that are within hour and half drive
  15. take it to the car wash and pressure wash it