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  1. He's 5'10" and weighs 180 lbs. We'll look at the KLX, thanks for the heads up.
  2. Oops. Boy is my face red. I finally got back out to the garage. I went through the carb again, checked the grounds, checked the kill switch, and the ignition switch. Everything checked out, no change in the way it ran. I gave up and took it to the local Honda dealer. They discovered a piece missing out of the carb, a spacer in the emulsion tube. Without the spacer, it runs rich. My guess is when I took the carb apart the first time and cleaned the pilot out, said spacer was blown across the driveway into my neighbors yard with the air compressor. So, now I can sell it and buy him a bigger bike. He likes the CRF230 and they fit him perfectly. Thanks for all the info guys, sorry to waste so much of your time. "Life is tough, it's tougher when you're stupid."
  3. Thanks for the reply's, you guys are great. To answer the questions: Bent valve-doubtful since it has compression. Good idea though. Idle screw-It won't run long enough to adjust it while it's running, I have to turn it, then start it. No change either direction. Leaning pilot, float level- That's my next move, I have some smaller pilot jets ordered. I don't know why it would have changed. My concern is it doesn't run real good on the high speed circuit either. I will also lower the float some more. Rolling or whacking- It's an XR100, it's never been up to "whacking" even when it was running good!! When you roll it, it spits snd sputters to the top, and then cleans out for a second, then starts missing.
  4. Yes, it had about a half a tank of fuel in it. I changed the oil as part of the clean up and service before trying to sell it. I use Honda full synthetic oil and 87 octane pump gas. I changed the gas after it started acting weird.
  5. BUT, it still won't idle, even with a clean pilot jet. I put a new pilot jet in it, no luck. It doesn't idle, it will start cold without the choke, and it misses when you open the throttle. I replaced the o-ring and spring on the idle screw today. It has a 35 pilot in it, I tried a 36 and a 38, it doesn't change anything.
  6. I live at 8,000 feet. The bike will die if you put the choke in the first position, it has to be open for it to run at all, the new plug is black already. The pilot jet was completely plugged but I blew it out with compressed air and now you can see through it.
  7. Rats! No air leak, all the wiring is OK, plug wire is tight, I put in another shot of fresh fuel. I took the tank off and poured the gas into a bucket, no dirt. I took the spark arrester out and it's clean, I ran it without it and no change. Compression seems fine. I don't have a hose adapter small enough to fit the hole but it does kick back when you hit TDC. It starts on the second kick without the choke, but you have to hold the throttle open about a 1/4 turn. It seems like a rich condition to me but why? Nothing has been changed, except there's now a dent in my garage wall shaped like my forehead.
  8. I thought about the air leak, I'll look into that further, I didn't consider a bad ground. Thanks for the direction, I'll post when I get back to the garage.
  9. My son has outgrown his '02 XR100 so I cleaned it up to sell it and went to start it. It has sat for 6 months without being ridden. It won't idle and the thing runs like crapolla when you open the throttle. I cleaned the pilot jet, new plug, fresh fuel, new carb gaskets, checked float level, cleaned pilot circuit, checked the valve lash, it's at .05MM on both intake and exhaust, changed the oil and cleaned the air filter, it still runs bad and won't idle. It will start without the choke. I was not present at the last ride my son took it on, he swears it ran fine all weekend. The needle clip is on the second position from the top, the air screw is out two turns. We ride at 7,000 to 10,000 feet. The dealer had this bike set up fine for altitude when we bought it, it hasn't given us any trouble until now. There have been no changes other than it sat for a while. Any ideas? C-4 has come to mind more than once but then after the initial blast and exicitement of watching the thing blown to small bits, I'd still wonder why it wouldn't run.