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  1. Nice wish I had trails like that around here !
  2. gordhunt

    tack for rpm's

    You don't need a tach.. if ya hit the rev limiter shift Just kidding you can rev it very high (higher than you think is safe) so basically just shift when you feel the power start to drop off and you'll be just fine.
  3. gordhunt

    New Seat Pictures

    Sorry but that thing is fugly even if it was the most comfortable seat in the world I still wouldn't bolt it on my baby !!
  4. gordhunt

    DrZ Forks

    Why don't you have fork boots on there !! Coulda saved you lots of $$$
  5. gordhunt

    So now it won't kick over...

    There is nothing wrong with the bike it's just your technique. If there was a problem with the bike it wouldn't start with the magic button. Make sure you have it just past TDC when you kick and DON'T EVEN TOUCH THE THROTTLE or it will be almost impossible to get started. The magic button makes up for a lot of things like touching the throttle etc. that when your kicking really make it difficult. Just practice and try not to use the magic button unless you really need it.
  6. gordhunt

    I wheelied in front of a cop yesterday... oops.

    What kind of rear rack is that?
  7. gordhunt

    2002 DRZ400S stock exhaust and pass pegs

    I have the stock exhaust but with no end cap (I sent it to someone else on this board). I'm keeping the passenger pegs for now my kids would be pissed if I sold them. Go Oilers !!
  8. gordhunt

    Places to go in alberta?

    We should setup a ride one Saturday or Sunday and I'll take you guys out to Smoky Lake, Bruderheim, Redwater and Long Lake and show you where the trails are are how to get to them. To get to the dump just ride out to Cloverbar dump and straight West of the entrance is a fairly big area with trails / hills etc... you can ride in. Just go out there on a Saturday and you'll be able to find it easily as there are usually lots of bikes / quads / trucks there even though it's supposodely off limits.
  9. gordhunt

    OK, so the modified tail light isn't for me. Pics.

    Looks great now just cut off the damn helmet lock and you'll be set !!
  10. gordhunt

    Places to go in alberta?

    Hey man I live out in Tofield (1/2 hour east of Edmonton) There are a ton of places to go around Edmonton. Smokey Lake is good for some tight trails / wide open trails . Long Lake / Buck Lake / Hope Lake you could ride for days and never hit the same triails. Athabasca has the peace river trail which is a awesome ride (but lots of mud / downed trees) The list goes on & on. Let me know if you want to know how to get out to some of these areas.
  11. gordhunt

    lovin' my new drc edge tailight

    Here's a couple of pics of mine. The rear fender is kinda messy from the guy that owned it before but these will give you an idea of what it looks like. I also cut off the helmet lock and moved the signal lights further back (there are holes on the subframe for them there)
  12. gordhunt

    Funnies KLX add ever

    What a retard...
  13. gordhunt

    Insure a dirt bike?

    Yes in Alberta they are insured the same a regular car / truck so you can put any coverage on them the same as those. I have pl/pd on my quads.
  14. gordhunt

    Insure a dirt bike?

    Yes ATV's in alberta are insured the same as a car / truck so any coverage you can get on them you can get on your ATV. I have pl/pd on mine no theft or collision.