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  1. epirtle

    Think BEFORE you Buy!!!

    I did nearly the exact same thing. I am/was a Hare Scramble A rider, took 15yrs off to race mountain bikes and road bikes then bought a new Husky 250f. I thought after 15yrs off, 2-Strokes were a dying breed and was talked into the 4-Stroke. I hated that thing! Sold it at a loss and have since had (2) KTM 250 XC's 2-Strokes. I would like to have a 2nd bike for Dual Sport use, such as a 530 EXC or Husky FE 510. Not enough time to ride to justify buying 2 motos. Dang-it!
  2. epirtle

    Thoughts on 2004 TC250

    KLX I sent you a PM Eric
  3. epirtle

    Goodbye CRF... Hello TC

    My 05 TC250 benefited form re jetting also. It starts much easier/faster and pulls much harder w/o bogging off the bottom. However, I think the bike steers a little slow in tight woods compared to my friends KTM 250 SX. Anyone agree ?
  4. epirtle

    2004 TE 250 purchase question

    I pm'ed you about my new husky tc 250 epirtle2000@yahoo.com
  5. epirtle

    05 tc250 starting problems

    I own a 2005 TC 250 and had the same issue. I had Hall's rejet the carb and it is now fine and it runs awesome. They made it richer and it now starts easier and does not bog down low and pulls way harder. I am using the stock (small battery) and have no problems, HOWEVER , I use a trickle charger on it at all times in my garage.