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  1. YamaRider100

    Pismo/ Oceano Crowds

    And stay out of the the Denny's...
  2. YamaRider100

    Piru Race 3/25

    it was pretty crowded. I wouldn't/didn't remember anyone either.
  3. YamaRider100

    Piru Race 3/25

    Thanks Guys. OTHG sounds so old. I just turned 30..I'm not quite ready to call myself Over the Hill!! haha I was riding a CRF450 no. 539. I rode until about 12p, then headed home to watch Nascar, but it was rained out. I've done all the doubles except the ones in the back and i'm about 90% there on the large tables, but I just need to man up and hit it. I was my first time there so maybe next time...
  4. YamaRider100

    Piru Race 3/25

    I just got back from my 1st ever moto session at PIRU MX. I got a flyer for a race next weekend, and I had a question. How fast is the 250 or 30 y/o beginner class? Are they jumping everything, rolling everything? Any info you have on this would be helpful. I am interested in doing my first MX race, and I was curious what I could expect. I've been riding desert for years, and I'm looking to try something new. Thanks