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  1. bmbt

    white bros carb kit. anyone used it?

    I am using the WB carb kit on an 06 and it works good. But with the AP mod it works great. Almost like having fuel inj. There is no bog anytime. On the bike stand you can crank the throttle from idle to full throttle as fast as you can with no bog.
  2. bmbt

    cold weather starting?

    When it is that cold here, I have to drain the float bowel first to make mine start. I don't know why, but it works.
  3. bmbt

    Where's my oil going? Arrgghh.... rings?

    Mine has lost all motor oil on the engine side twice before. The second time I drained almost a qt of oil out of the trans check plug. I don't know why the oil is changing sides. I check the oil every moto and it is usually OK then in one moto it will dump all the oil over to the trans side at once. I have good comp. no smoking and all the vents are clear. I would like to find out more about the midcase reeds and what they do.
  4. My 06 250f has been losing engine oil and it is gaining oil on the clutch side. What seals could this be? right crank or balancer seals or does it need rings? Has anyone had this problem?
  5. bmbt

    Why not Maxxis

    Dan, which pirellis are you using?
  6. bmbt

    Where did the oil go?

    My 06 has never used oil. I change the engine oil every two or three races. This weekend on a fresh oil change my girl did three pratices and two motos in the rain and very muddy cond. She almost fried the clutch and now the engine oil is empty!!!! It is not leaking nor is it smoking. The clutch oil smells cooked but still had all 800ml I put in. I now have added engine oil and the bike sounds fine. What happened to the oil and did I hurt the engine.
  7. My 16 year old daughter can't kick start her 06 250f while it is in gear. She has to find neutral every time she drops or stalls the bike. This is hard to do on a plowed up motocross track during a race. If I could get this bike to start with the clutch in, it would help her a lot. Any ideas?
  8. bmbt

    cr125 jetting/oil mix

    Thanks SteveA. To Peerless: 50:1 IS a leaner mixture of fuel/oil. 50:1 also makes the bike run richer by getting more fuel/oil through the jets.
  9. bmbt

    cr125 jetting/oil mix

    I agree with SteveA. This is the best jetting for my 04 also. I found that I also have to run 32:1. 50:1 was way too rich.
  10. bmbt

    2004 cr125 buyer question

    I just bought an 04 CR125 new (leftover) and paid $3050 at Track & Trail Honda in Pa. It cost me $350 to get it back to NC. Some of the 04's have a carb problem, but not all of them. Check this bike to see if it will idle without fouling a plug. If it will idle and rev up clean then it is a good bike. If it fouls a plug right away I know a fix for it. My 04 is a great bike and I feel it is a lot of motorcycle for just $3000. Bill
  11. I just got a new leftover 04 CR125 for my 15yr old girl.The bike runs great but is too rich at idle and fouls plugs. I have found this problem all over the web. Every 04 is doing the same thing. Does anyone know of a cure for these bikes? I have rejetted like crazy. I have leaned it to where the plug is chalky white (scary) then let it idle for 15 sec. and the same plug comes out gas fouled. 32:1 Yamahalube 35 pilot 390 main clip is 2nd from top w/factory needle