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    Cracked left engine case CRF250X FACTORY DEFECT

    I am located in norwich, ct. Spoke with local dealer and doesn't seem like there is much they can do (recommended jb weld). I also spoke with honda directly and they were not very helpful, kept reminding me that bike does not come with any warranty - no matter what, factory defect or otherwise. The honda lady also said that she doubted that i could convince anyone at honda to warranty it or help me out in anyway. She recommended to have dealer look at it and try to get honda assistance for the cost of the parts. Most likely i will try to repair it externally and see if it holds, if not i will strip it down myself and replace the left case, along with the main bearings, other bearings, and all seals and gaskets. Will be a good learning experience...
  2. Just seeing if anyone else has had this problem: I noticed a small amount of oil on the floor, removed skid plate (which has been installed since the first ride) and found the oil dripping from one of the two 6mm bolts on the very bottom of the cases. Cleaned it all up and found a small hairline crack between the two bolts, looks like a flaw in the original casting. There is more of a crack around one of the bolts. Looks like the bolts were over tightened at install and a bad casting. I am thinking JB weld but not much room. Any ideas out there????