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  1. Sid Post

    New Turn Signals for 08 TE's

    Jerry, Where did you get the parts for your lights? Especially, the rear fender stuff. That tail light setup looks like it might be a good upgrade for my KLX-250S (that fugly license plate holder needs to go ). Thanks!
  2. Sid Post

    Husqvarna TE-610IE or BMW G 650 Xchallenge?

    I know but, KTM fanatics are easy to find and I want to fairly evaluate a Husky as a possible purchase and this seemed like a good place to learn about these rarely seen rides.
  3. How does the Husky compare to the BMW? The specs look similar to each other and the prices are similar. Is the Husky more street friendly? I should note I'm looking for an upgrade to my 2007 Kawsaki KLX-250S that will do serious road milage (110 miles each way) and still retain good off-road capability. THANKS! Sid
  4. Sid Post

    2006 Husqvarna SM450R SUPER MOTARD

    Now that BMW owns Husqvarna, dealer support should get better. That's what keeps bringing me back to KTM (better dealer support). The Suzuki DRZ just doesn't appeal to me. Displacement is better but, I like my 6 speed tranny on the KLX. The Japanese 650cc Dual Sports are nice but, they are too heavy and too soft and a tad out dated for me. Everything seems to be pointing to a TE-610 over the KTM options too. With an MSRP of ~$7400, I guess I don't see the cost effectiveness of getting an in between dual sport. I can gear down the KLX for better response off-road and use the Husky for commutes to farther places and less aggressive terrain. Heck, with some skill building on my part, it sounds like I might be able to do it all on the bigger Husky with some time in the saddle and skill building on my part. Hmmm ... it seems like I need to make a pilgrimage to a Husqvarna dealer and drool on some new paint.
  5. Sid Post

    2006 Husqvarna SM450R SUPER MOTARD

    I rode a KTM 380cc 2-smoke once. That ride was actually unpleasant because that motorcycle was so far above my skill level it was scary. The more I read and study things, the more appealing the TE-610 is. How does a KTM 690 Enduro compare? If KTM offered an "Adventure" model, it would be very tempting to me. I should note that I once considered a KTM 990 Adventure but, came to my senses. The Husky TE-610 looks like a very solid choice at a moderate price with a lot of good features. Did the 2006 models have fuel injection? I know the 2008's do but, the front suspension seems a little weaker without the adjustable preload.
  6. Sid Post

    just prchased 2006 KLX250s

    And, regarding valves unless you have time to kill I wouldn't worry about it. Most people aren't seeing valve adjustments at the 600 mile break in service or the 5K milage check.
  7. Sid Post

    just prchased 2006 KLX250s

    I've got ~5300 miles on my 2007 model. If the free mods haven't been done, do them ASAP. I put a KLX-300 exhaust on at the same time and it really helped the power, especially at low rpms. Use factory parts for the carb rejetting, they are cheap and work well. Toss the airbox lid and install a Unifilter. At this point the smog/air-injection stuff should be long gone. You can also go to a 13 tooth front sproket if you don't do a lot of true high speed on road riding. The bearings do come pretty dry from Kawasaki but, I wouldn't get terribly concerned with tearing everything down to repack them. Do it as maintanence is required over time unless you feel slop or binding or hear a problem. If it looks like the motorcycle has been ridden hard in mud or deep water then, swap the bearings at your first oppurtunity and avoid hassles at inconvenient moments. Wix oil filters work real well for your oil changes. When you replace the oil filter the first time, take some needle nose pliers and stretch the end of the spring so it sticks the case "teeth" while put the put the cover back on and press the oil fiter into place. Be sure to use a good motorcycle specific oil but, you don't really need to go with the more expensive synthetics IMHO. A stainless steel front brake line will help your braking a lot too. Bill Blue gets about $60 for his but, there are other options out there. http://kawasakiforums.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=71 is worth surfing. There is a lot of good stuff there about large fuel tanks, brake upgrades, handle bars, etc.
  8. I'm looking at Ebay item id #270261670414 I currently ride a 2007 Kawasaki KLX-250S with the normal mods so, I find the power reasonable for the way I ride. However, at 70MPH on the road it handles way too fast to be safe. I've been thinking about a Super Motard style ride for commutes to and from work and around town. Ocasional rides ~110 miles each way at highway speed is one thing I'm really looking for. Is a 2006 Husqvarna SM450R SUPER MOTARD a reasonable choice with no dealer support near by? Should I be concerned with maintanence and parts availability? I grew up on a farm so, I can do basic maintanence but, I'm not much of wrench either. Will this motorcycle be as maintanence intensive as a Honda CRF "X" or Yamaha WR (I want to ride more and wrench less)? I've been thinking about a Honda XR-650L or Kawasaki KLR-650 but, I don't want a heavy road bike. I need to retain dirt capability with some non-paved road water puddle usage and ocasional sand. I know road tires won't work in mud but, I go through some hard pack roads that have about 12 inches of water across them (still puddle/pond) and see fine gravel and some sand too. THANKS!
  9. Sid Post

    First motorcycle tire change.....

    The that Dunlop 606 rear was too much for me. I got the old tire off but, putting the new Dunlop on was just too much for me. I'd get it about half way on and it would pop off the rim and use a tire iron to take a swipe at me in the process. I'd definitely recommend starting with a tire with a softer side wall to learn on.
  10. Sid Post

    XR 650 L Mileage

    Throttle control .... My Kawsaki KLX-250S gets ~100MPG when I stay off the trottle (<4K RPMs and non-agressive acceleration to ~4K RPMs). Riding moderately agressively I get 70MPG (~6K RPM moderate acceleration). Rejetted and riding like a mad man on the street I got 62 MPG on this last tank. If I ride my Green machine like a mo-ped, I get mo-ped gas milage. I'm here surfing around and contemplating going to a XR-650R (the 650L seat is too wide for me to get both feet down). That way, I can gear my little green machine down for the technical stuff and have a ride that is safe at highway speeds and better suited for longer distance rides.
  11. Sid Post

    new rider needs direction on choosing

    All cash sales are not an option for many people. Sure, they are using credit card type financing but, if I was a year away from graduating college I could see using this option in a heartbeat. Or, lets say you have a company bonus coming in May. Again, $70 a month for ~7 months with a pay off in the spring is a good option for some. With any finance option, you need to understand the terms and how you will pay it off. "Free" finance offers really aren't free unless you really stick to the rules. One slip up and you are looking at ~18% interest.
  12. Sid Post

    new rider needs direction on choosing

    I bought a brand spanking new off the showroom floor KLX-250S (2007 model year). I paid $3547 cash OTD. A little over $200 for FULL coverage insurance and $360 for 2 years tags and taxes and I was done. I have almost 200 miles on it after my ride today. Under a 100 miles it was weak. Around the 100 mile mark the engine limbered up a little and came to life. Now at 200 miles it is reving faster and putting out a little more power. With the "free" mods and a $240 muffler you will be putting around 23 to 24HP on the road so, it will run 65MPH in most areas and road conditions. In choked up stock form, it is a little low on power for 8% grades at highway speeds. This is a great learner model that can be upgraded cheaply for more power. I'm also getting about 75MPG so, the two gallon tank will take me 130 miles without too much worry and leave room for a closed gas station or two. With the new Kawi's and Yammy's hitting showroom floors, the 2007 KLX's should be getting cheaper so, don't pay MSRP and take advantage of the good finance options from Kawasaki.
  13. Arizona dual-sports motorcycles pretty easy. I looked at a Honda on the showroom floor that had one mirror and a horn and everything else was stock. Motorcycle registrations in Arizona are pretty easy.
  14. Sid Post

    2005 XR 650R for $5,000 -help a newbie

    Thanks for all your help so far. My initial target price was $4500 OTD which in Arizona seems reasonable. I think I will counter with $5K upfront and a $500 credit on parts and service. My reasoning being, I'm going to need tires and some other stuff pretty early so, I'll get my $500 back and the sales manager can tell the home office he got the $4000 sticker, $800 bullshit fees and cut the $400 delivery and $400 assembly back to $200. The whole thing makes me feel like I'm on a used car lot but, that motorcycle seems like a better fit for me then some overweight street machine. Of course, this assumes when I go back to look at it I don't find signs of it truly being a "used" motorcycle. Best Regards, Sid
  15. I live in Arizona and have found a new "old stock" 2005 XR 650R. This motorcycle is an orphan from the dealership. It has been stored outside some but, it is not sun faded at all. The seat has a couple of minor tears that look like a piece of wire or some tool were laid on the seat which is otherwise pretty new and fresh. A few questions: Is the price fair and reasonable (it is OTD the door from Arizona)? Are there any differences between 2005 and 2007 I should consider before spending my money? Is maintanence on this going to be frequent and difficult (I looked at a street legal Yamaha WRF-450 f/s/something race bike and ran away when I learned what it's life span and maintance requirements were)? Is this motorcycle a reasonable one to "dual sport"? I want to avoid the extra weight and perceived inferior components on the XR-650L and I like the water cooling over air cooling With an accessory fan on the radiator, do I need to worry about over heating in Arizona, especially with some dual use in stop and go traffic occasionally (not more then 30 minutes or 16 miles)? Will this be a good choice for an asphalt run of ~40 miles to easy off roading? Thanks in Advance!