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  1. Huntsfromtree

    DR350 swing arm help

    Have 97 DR350 street model with a bent left swing arm. Found a 91 dr350 arm and need to know if they are interchangeble... There is 2 models of rear swing arms for the 91..
  2. Huntsfromtree

    LC4 400 Riders

    Airgord, great question. I have been trying to find rad guards for my 98 rxc 400 for a couple years. Please somebody help us. Good riding.
  3. Huntsfromtree

    Which bike???

    Yellow, The DRZ is a great bike you can build for any riding style rather its dirt,DS, or trail:ride: . If you want performance look at the KTM. If you dont like the Maintenance of the EXC look at the LC4s. I ride a LC4 400 and its been a low Maintenance trouble free bike. Maybe lower the drz and let your wife ride it?? Id probably keep the DRZ and buy her a smaller bikel like a, KLR, KLX,TTR. Have fun.
  4. Huntsfromtree

    Last Man Standing

    I just watched today and brutal is an understatment. Some of those ledges where insane. One rider said it looked like a trials course:eek:. I did think the footage could have been better.
  5. Huntsfromtree

    LC4 400 Riders

    I have a 98 rxc 400 and love it...runs great with a mikuni 40 (cant remember the carb specs) and aftermarket supertrapp. Had the forks revalved by Jim at Letco. Also put one bark busters with UFO handguards and have a guts seat cover. Its heavy but will climb any hill I point it at with a teraflex rear and perilli front tire