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  1. Matches, a bag of Hoody's (salted), jb weld.
  2. Last tank was 42 mpg. Stock 01 E and that was about 50/50 dirt street. average mph was 45. Stock has given me the best mileage. Usually the mpg's are in the mid 40's.
  3. Exactly!! I used a hammer impact. Got the top one undone but the notches were starting to go. The bottom stripped out but was able to rotate the plate and it broke loose. Whew! Very exciting.
  4. Yes. Aftermarket exhaust products are generally loud, obnoxious and completely unnecessary.
  5. These guys have A LOT of good things to say about the DR. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135295
  6. On an E model: Ran hot and ground from the battery up to a cig plug on the bars with an inline fuse. Got the 12 volt cord from REI and plug that into the the cig plug and the vista. Works. Never shuts itself off. Not even after last weekends flying W. Perfect.
  7. +1 on the Mr. Cob photoset . Excellent cross reference to the less than stellar Suzuki instructions included with the kit. Watch the philips head idler gear plate retainer screws. Easy to strip. Other than that, fairly simple procedure. Put one on an E model. Left out the compression release and it doesnt need it anyway.
  8. I have a low opinion of the tire.
  9. Consistantly get 46 mph. Mostly trails and fire roads...very little pavement.
  10. We had a TTR225. It had, best I can describe, very odd handling characteristics. Did not inspire confidence in loose terrain and seemed top heavy. Then she got a CRF230. Much better. On one trip that bike, and maybe I am using New Math, got close to 80 mpg. But the seat on the CRF is a killer and long rides were not the norm. So now we are looking at the DR.
  11. Bought the 01 E and PO had put some doo dads on it, yosh pipe and rekluse clutch. Took those off, sold em, put the stock exhaust and clutch back in, got a bigger tank and now its perfect.
  12. Trakmaster... Maybe got 1000 @ 80/20 use. Not too impressed. Before that was a Michelin...seemed to last a little longer. Trying a Dunlop 606 though it doesnt look quite as dirt worthy as the other two, maybe it will last a little longer.
  13. Perfect bike for it. Goes anywhere I want it to. Mine has the four gallon IMS tank, skid plate, and kickstart backup. Its a great ride. I carry tools and tubes in a backpack but am thinking of going to a pair of soft panniers. No clue on suspension, mines stock. I guess. Seems to handle it just fine. I'd say the single best mod is the IMS tank.
  14. Not only did it hinder the choke, found the tank rubbing on the frame. Put a half inch block of dense foam under the tail. Still had to dremel the choke knob a little.
  15. The clarke tank does not fit the E without modification. The tank uses cups to slide over the donuts affixed to the sides of the frame backbone. An E tank has tabs on it that are bolted through to the frame. At the back, under the seat, the E uses a rubber band to hold the tank down, the Clark has a whale tale molded into with bushed holes for a frame post to fit through. E frame has no such accomodation.