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    450 EXC Oil Level

    The manual says that when cold, oil level must be in the lower level of the glass window and when hot, it must be on th etop level of the round glass window.. I normaly fill it cold, on the top of the wndow, whi realise now it is wrong. That is some 1.1 Liters of oil. I had twice the problem of oil returning to the air filter compartment after very steap downhills or a fall, putting out a lot of smoke in th exaust. What is the correct oil level we should use on the KTM 450 EXC? Thanks Marcelo
  2. Marcelo T

    Coolant temp guage KTM 450EXC

    Guys, I had an KTM 450 EXC 2004 and current ride a 2005 that took me a while to stop overheating. I truely beleive the gauge is not your solution. Think about changing your riding style. I am a novice that started racing Enduros strait on a KTM 450. I used to use the clutch a lot, that added to the fact our tracks inBrazil are narrow and muddy, meant the bike never got enouth air through it to cool down. I installed the fan which solved the verheating part of the roblem, but drained the baterry. I changed the baterry from a 4 amp/hour standard to a 7 amp/hour, same phisical size, which helped enourmously, but when riding evening enduros, it left me kicking the bike, agian with n baterry power. I adjusted the jetting, did not make a big different because I run in slow tracks. Them, someone told me to STOP using the clutch. That was it. Used only to start and stop and at times going down hill when the bke is about to die!!! That did the trick. My bike never overheated again for the past year!!! I dont understand what floating the bike means and alsodid not try to add an additional radiator water tank, which migth help topping up th elost water, but does not solve the problem. What it did for me, was to addapt my riding to the bike. Best of luck and stck with your KTM - It never let me down! Cheers Marcelo
  3. Marcelo T

    Show me your 250 XCF's & XCF-W's Weapons

    Guys, Sorry for such stupid question. What does the W does with the 250 XCF? We dont have XCs in Brazil, only EXC and SXs. I am trying to import one to Brazil, as it seens fit for what I like to ride. Cheers Marcelo
  4. Marcelo T

    Show me your 250 XCF's & XCF-W's Weapons

    Guys, I have an 450 EXC 2005, ride on tigth trail and will change my bike tis month and I am a bit scared to find the new EXC 250F a bit weak. Can someone draw a comparisson? Also, here in Brazil we dont have the XCW, but we can import it. What is the dofference between this bike and the EXC? Thanks Marcelo
  5. Marcelo T

    07450xc working with stock suspension

    Guys I have a 2005 and run is tigth trails with SAG 100 mmm (difference), front 15/17 and rear similar to Fajitas. What do you mean by "114mm race sag, 42mm free sag, high speed 1 3/4 out, low speed "? Question - what is different from our 2007 to the 2005 450 KTM? Another question, did you consider the 250 XCW? Cheer MT
  6. Marcelo T

    KTM Cooling Fan for KTM 450 EXC - 2005

    Hi there, Question regarding the suggested tank. Do I need to cut the ruber seal on the radiator cap off, as the water outake is between the cap and the seal? In my previou KLX 300, the water tank was sealed off. Also, for those who fitted the fan, as I did, be aware that the baterry drains off very badly in very long and low speed trails, which is my case. There is an upgrade for the baterry from 5 Amp hour to 7 Amp hour that can be done and it helps a bit. Cheers MT
  7. Can some one explain what has the jetting anything to do with Overheating?
  8. Marcelo T

    ktm overheating

    Benito, See this section of the forum http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=353251&parentpage=4 and other that talked about installing a fan. Some of us are better riders than others. For those who make a lot of use of the clutch at low speeds and tight tracts, it is likely to overheat. I ride with a friend on a 525 and he never overheats and don't have a fan. I use to overheat most of times and after taking a bit of care on the way a ride, it just stopped. Just to be safe, I installed the fan and it has been great. Good luck. Marcelo
  9. I saw several notes on this site regarding Cooling Fans on KTMs. Fluid options, someone wanting to install a three way switch to avoid it going on, etc... I have installed an KTM cooling fan on my 450 EXC 2005 for the reason the bike was often "boiling and spitting" water through the radiator cap. That happened as I ride long Enduro Races (6 hours +), normally is the woods, on low speed and very dirty tracks here in Brazil. With the new fan, it goes ON around 80 degrees C, which means it keeps the bike from reaching the 115 DC which is the boiling point for some coolants. I recommend the use of the fan, in spite of the noise. Since I installed it, my bike has just not consumed any coolant liquid. It is perfect. Be carefully to ensure the rubber curtain is properly placed to avoid the air intake coming from the back of the fan. It gets easily displaced. I managed to fix it in place with a thin aluminum plate and screws. Nevertheless, does anyone has another suggestion on how to keep the bike cool? Has anyone used the bigger radiators KTM provides? Is it worth changing it? Thanks.