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  1. motoxguru

    what do you think about glmx?

    I just see it as another racing expense. AMA $39, D14 $12, GLMX $15, gate fee $10, Class fee $30 That's too much money for 2 15 minute moto's. I wish Big Air would go back to a split schedule.
  2. motoxguru

    What would save our sport.

    My right leg is much stronger from having to kick it so much and my wallet lost some weight too.
  3. motoxguru

    What would save our sport.

    Delete this BS thread and punt JTom back to Vital! BLASPHEMY!
  4. motoxguru

    WIR Indoor Motocross

    What, no comment on the comments WIR?
  5. motoxguru

    Opnions on what to buy!!

    Thanks man. I just boxed it up. Sending it out tomorrow morning.
  6. motoxguru

    Opnions on what to buy!!

    If you're interested, I have a vforce3, oem clutch kit, cycra racer pack and some lightspeed frame guards for your bike on ebay. http://motors.shop.ebay.com/merchant/motoxguru2
  7. motoxguru

    Another reason to NOT run a cast piston.

    It looks just like my cast piston did after it grenaded after 20 hours on my 07. Not lack of maintenance. Cast pistons suck. I've been racing for a very long time, and I've never had a forged (wiseco) piston grenade like fast. I was able to have my cylinder honed (litely on bottom) without plating it. Most of the damage was done toward the bottom of the cylinder and didn't come in contact with the ring, just the bottom of the piston skirt. No problems since work was done. I'll echo whoever said, if you're fast, or running it hard, ditch the stock piston.
  8. motoxguru

    1 hander pics.

    What tricks can you do dave?
  9. motoxguru

    Gratten open practice Sunday 9/16

    Headed over to check it out tomorrow. Anyone else going to be there?
  10. motoxguru

    Michigan peeps.

    Bayracing is one of the most fun tracks in MI. I wish I lived closer.
  11. motoxguru

    Bridgeton, MI

    I know alot of people were probably at redbud, but if you didn't ride this, you missed out on a gnarly course.
  12. motoxguru

    which tires for michigan. out of these.

    I couldn't imagine riding michigan trails with anyting other than a S-12 or at the very least an ms3. The majority of the fast GNCC/harescramble guys I know swear by them. Although, if any of your riding involves blue groove, it's like being on ice. I've never tried Pirelli's. I haven't had a 952 since the mid 90's, although I hear good things about them now. I've been running Bstone 401/402's for a couple years now, and I like them alot, but I don't ride in the woods as much as I used to.
  13. motoxguru

    07 RM 250, Impressions?

    I'm on an 07 RM. I've had a couple CRF 450's prior to this. I'm 6', 180 and the bike is fine. I'm still trying to get used to shifting again, but other than that, it's fun. Since you're already riding a 2 stroke, and a KTM at that, you shouldn't have any complaints. My opinion of the power, with a PC works pipe and shorty, stock gearing, is that it has very strong low, mid and it's decent on top. It feels like it signs off a bit earlier than I thought it would, but like I said, I 'm coming off a 4 stroke, and a great one at that. I'm thinking of adding a tooth to the front to try and keep me from having to shift so soon out of corners. The suspension is good. At first it was very harsh, and I was going to send it somewhere to get done, but after a handfull of rides, I was able to get it working VERY well. The forks work well on big hits, no headshake and it goes straight as an arrow. My only problem right now, is getting used to using the power to turn. I forgot how much you have to use the back tire to turn with 2 strokes. That price is great too. I paid 5 for mine over the winter. Good luck finding a 4 stroke that cheap, or even a KTM 2 stroke.