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  1. skyscooter

    Buying a pit bike

    The Db-19 From Xxx-motorsports Is Decent For The Price. I Didn't Get Mine From Them Though So I Don't Know About Their Service.
  2. skyscooter

    my first pit bike, finally

    I Finally Got My Bike Yesterday. I Got A Roketa Db-19, Ok, Ok Don't Crusify Me Yet. The Guy I Got It From Carries All The Parts In His Store And Does The Work On Them. What I Can't Do Anyway. I Picked It Up For $550 Out The Door With A Spare Set Of King Tires. So Far It's Been Great, Haven't Took It To The Track Yet Still Breaking In The Motor And Making Sure The Spokes Are Gonna Stay Tight. The Frame Looks Pretty Tough Also. The Bad Points I've Found Are The Bushings In The Swingarm Need To Be Replaced With Bearings, The Stock Tires Are Junk, And It Came With A 428 Chain. If You Have Any Suggestions For Me To Mod It Up Give Me Some Ideas. I'm New To The Pit Thing And Need Some Help. What Front Sprokets Are You Running Mine Seems Low Geared. Jumping Seems Like It's Gonna Be Akward Also, But I'm Not A Big Jumper Anyway. Thanks Chad Go Army Love It Or Leave It U.s.a.
  3. skyscooter

    help with decisions

    what is the difference between a ssr 110 a-1 and a ssr 110 dx. i'm about 210 lbs and 6 ft tall witch would suit me better. if you have any more suggestions let me know. i am on a limited budget so this price range is about it for me under $725. i also looked at a roketa db-19, just worried about getting parts for that.
  4. skyscooter

    my new 2000 ttr 250

    I was just so excited I had to tell everyone. About a month ago I traded my 2001 YZ 250 for a 2000 tt-r 250. The dealership got the better end of the deal, but i got a bike i can actually ride and have lots more fun on. I've rode it a few time and loved the performance and the magic button! I'm new at the dirt thing and the ttr is much more of my style and much more managable. I put a new Dunlop 739 on the back and that helped make it more controllable, the old one was bald. Today i went out to our lake here in SW Oklahoma and it was really muddy. It was a blast, the ttr just tractored through the mud and was asking for more. Wish I had a picture to show ya'll, me and the bike were covered. I haven't had more fun in ages. This is a very good bike for more relaxed people like myself and is an absolute blast. I will never go back to a 2-stroke, and a kick start bike will take alot of thought. This bike rocks!!! I will soon get a t-4 exhaust and open up the airbox and then do the neccasary jetting, but for now it's enough for me. I was once told don't do any mods until you can ride it as fast as it will go stock. I might have to jump the gun a little, but it's good enough for now.